Technology: The Good and the Bad

A topic that really intrigued me this semester was brought up in Wendell Berry’s article “Why I am NOT Going to Buy a Computer.”  I had always looked at the positives that today’s technology brings to our society in terms of communication, efficiency, and overall performance.  In Berry’s article he discuss the negative aspects that technology and computer manufacturers bring and I had never heard or thought about technology from this point of view.  Although his views might be different in today’s technological age, I think Berry makes some good points and this blog is about the positive and negative outlooks on technology and its effect on society.


Are we getting lazier?

In Alex Sander’s article “Too Much Technology Can Be Harmful” he looks at how technology is hurting our younger generation.  Sander feels that the younger generation has become dependent on technology and because of that is becoming more and more lazier.  The author provides good support for his claims giving examples of online dating, video games, online shopping and a lot of other areas where people have substituted a technological (lazier) way of going about these activities rather than the traditional way.


Technology better for Education?

Although Berry may be against the technology and the computer companies but there is no denying the benefits technology plays in education.  Not only are there improvements in problem solving skills, job-related skills, motivation, and reading comprehension but technology makes learning fun and easier says Melissa Johnston in her article “Students Speak Out on Benefits of Technology.”  When technology is utilized in learning and teaching the younger generation, the benefits of technology in the classroom are shown.


Keeping in Touch Through Technology

One of the biggest roles that technology plays is with communication.  In The New York Times article “Staying in Touch with Technology” by Sam Grobart, he discuss the ways people can stay in touch with others using computers and the internet through Skype, email, iChat, and AIM.  Technology today allows you to almost have a “face to face” conversation with someone across the globe using a web cam.  Not only is technology extremely simple, but it almost costs nothing.  With advance in recent technology people can even experience this “face time” using a mobile phone or a tablet.  It is hard to dispute the advantages that technology has brought to communication in today’s society.


The Ugly that comes with Technology

A huge issue that comes with the internet and social networking is with cyber bullying.  Through the internet people can say whatever they want to whomever they want with just a press of a button.  Liz Carey states in her article “Bullying takes on a new form with technology” she states that technology has become a “new modality for bullying” and says that in a 2004 California survey of 1,200 students that 42% of them have reported to being bullied online and 22% said that they had received a threatening email.  A problem with technology is the things people can say to each other and the things that can be searched on the internet.  Searching the web can sometimes be dangerous and people are capable of hurting others using the technology.


Access at your Fingertips

In Mehmet Oz’s video The Importance of Technology in Health Care he discuss the role that technology plays in his life.  One advantage to technology that Oz talks about is that ability to store files and information in space and is still able to access them at anytime.  Another benefit that is discussed is the ability to access information from the web and the ability to filter that information making it easier to find what your searching for.  The internet allows you to search data bases containing infinite amounts of information at your fingertips.


The Impact on Health Care

A area that has seen a huge increase in performance due to technology is in the health care field.  Technology has allowed us to improve in patient diagnosis, monitoring, and overall health.  The article “Technology’s Impact on Healthcare” gives examples of the positive aspects that technology brings to the well being of the people.  In the article read earlier in the year “Wheels of hope get Indian villagers on Internet,” we read how a mobile internet cart is used to help doctors provide consultation and conferencing with those who are not able to reach hospitals.  Technology plays a dramatic impact on health care today.


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