I earned my Ph.D. six years ago (August 2014) from the University of Iowa.  My advisor was Colleen C. Mitchell.  My dissertation is titled “Action Potentials in the Peripheral Auditory Nervous System: A Novel PDE Distribution Model.”

I love to learn! I’m a math bio generalist (ODEs/PDEs), and my research program is centered on undergraduate student research.  In the last few years, those topics have included:

  • Pulmonary Atresia, modeling of cardiovascular flows with a congenital heart condition
  • Modeling African Sleeping Sickness in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Effects of Obesity on the Action Potential of the SinoAtrial Node
  • A Host-Parasite-Commensal ecological model based on field studies in the Great Plains
  • Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Population Models
  • Modeling Spread of HPV in College “Hook-Up” Culture

My personal and collaborative research includes:

  • Cardiovascular response to blood withdrawal in rats (authors from six institutions and at least three disciplines)
  • Stochastic population model for the Auditory Nerve Fiber (now with data! involves otolaryngology)
  • Collaborations with a statistics education researcher and a computer science education researcher on… DATA SCIENCE EDUCATION!
  • Collaborations with ten educators from across the country and three disciplines on… HOW TO REDUCE STUDENT ANXIETY BY GRADING DIFFERENTLY