Note:  This opportunity is only for sophomore, junior or senior students in good standing with the Pre-medical Society (dues paid) and have completed all the required shadowing documents.



Contact: Brooke Fenske (

Welcome to the Pre-Medical Societies Shadowing Program.  This program was created to give students the opportunity to experience the medical field, outside of the classroom. The program is intended to help students decide whether medicine is truly something they wish to pursue.  To begin , simply click the link below which includes all the required documents and also the shadowing check list. Refer to the shadowing check list for step by step instructions of all the necessary forms that must be completed in order to be eligible to participate in the shadowing program.

All Required Shadowing Documentation

 After the forms have been gathered and completely filled out, you can staple them together with the Confidentiality Agreement and HIPAA slide on the top, and submit them to Marianne Clark in the EDGE office, by the library. Please email Brooke Fenske once you have submitted your paperwork to the EDGE.

Finally, as noted in the shadowing checklist, an interview is required before a student is able to participate in the program. Listed below is the schedule of available times to interview. You must e-mail Brooke Fenske ( to schedule an interview during one of the provided times and you must send your resume titled “LastnameFirstname.doc.” Even if all the paperwork is submitted, an interview is required before the student is eligible to shadow. You are encouraged to schedule an interview at any point in your shadowing process, thus it is not necessary to have a shadowing date established before you interview.

Interview Schedule:

Tuesdays: 3:30-4:00

Thursday: 12:30-1:00

Skutt Student Center Rm 218

Tues. Sep 1

Tues. Sep 15

Thurs. Sep 24

Tues. Sep 29

Thurs. Oct 8

Tues. Oct 13

Tues. Oct 27

Thurs. Nov 5

Thurs. Nov 19

Thurs. Dec 3

*If you are not able to interview during any of the provided times, please email Brooke Fenske in order to determine a mutual alternate time to interview.


Contact: Dylan Hoyt (

I, the shadowing coordinator, will be setting you up with a surgery day and time at Alegent Creighton.  These times will be posted and sent to you via Pre-Medical Society’s Shadowing list serve.  Note:  The process of accepting a student to occupy the time slot announced will be on a “first come first served” basis.

Sign up for the Listserve here:

The student that notifies me the soonest with all up to date immunizations, paperwork and interview will be considered.  Please understand that many students will want to shadow and it is your responsibility to stay up to date on when spots become available.  This also means staying up to date on your immunizations and getting another if the previous one expires.  The documents that you submit will allow you to shadow indefinetly.  This means that you will not have to fill them out again.  The only thing that needs to be updated is your immunization/TB record.

When you have been chosen as the student to take the shadowing position, you will be contacted via email on the time, date, and doctor you will be shadowing.  The email or text will also include important information on where you need to meet, what you need to bring, and other miscellaneous things.

You will be required to present yourself in a professional manner. Comfortable shoes are recommended.  Please limit the things you bring to the Operating room lounge.  Alegent Creighton is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.



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