Mentoring Program

The Student Mentoring Program is a student-based mentorship that all active Pre-Medical Society members are welcome to join. In order to be considered as a mentor or mentee, the member’s dues must be paid and they must fill out a form online annually.

Both mentor and mentee are required to be present at two lunches held by the Pre-Medical Society executive board, which will take place during both semesters of the school year. Additionally, they must meet with their mentor/mentee at least one time outside of class over the course of the academic year. If the member has participated and fulfilled these requirements, there will be a recommendation presented in their student letter provided by PMED.

Mentors (juniors and seniors) and Mentees (freshmen and sophomores) will have the opportunity to be matched with someone like them to share and ask questions about the pre-medical path at Creighton.

Overall, this program is designed to promote leadership and support among pre-medical students on Creighton’s campus.




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