Join the Society

Why should you consider joining the Creighton University Pre-Medical Society?

  1. We are a group designed to help student support each other as we prepare for medical school and our future professions.
  2. This year with the emergence of the PMED seminar the responsibilities of the Pre-Med Society are evolving and this is very exciting for us. This is allowing us the opportunity to focus on many of the things we were interested in doing, but were unable to fit into the year.
  3. We have activities and meetings that give members opportunities to learn more about entering in the medical field.
  4. We bring in speakers, such as physicians, researchers, and other leaders in the health care industry to share their careers and inspire us to remain interested in medicine and other specialties that may be of interest.
  5. Dues are $5.00-Contact our treasurer Meghan Shea to become a member. Our funds go to support volunteer outings, speaker and meeting expenses, and other projects which we are involved with.

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