About PAC

Partners Against Cancer (PAC) is a program run by medical students at Creighton University School of Medicine. PAC works closely with the Division of Hematology/Oncology at Creighton University Medical Center under the direction of Dr. Peter Silberstein to match first and second year medical students with patients diagnosed with cancer.  Medical students will act as a support system for patients by offering physical and emotional support. In addition, students will also have the opportunity to gain clinic experience through shadowing experiences and interactions with the physicians and medical staff.

  • PAC is a longitudinal experience where medical students play an active role in their individual patient’s care.
  • PAC is a student run program for medical student volunteers that is self-sustaining and designed to run annually. The program also provides care to under-served populations.
  • Students provide physical assistance to patients, such as helping with access to resources, and emotional assistance by listening to the patient.  In return, the student has the opportunity to learn empathy by understanding the impact of chronic and, often terminal, disease on their patient.
  • The preliminary results of this program have shown great potential for enhancements in patient care and medical education.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Partners Against Cancer (PAC) is to provide physical and emotional support to patients diagnosed with cancer as they battle their disease.  We understand that the fight against cancer is a difficult one and believe that patients should not have to walk this journey alone. First and second year medical students will serve as patient advocates and companions, ensuring that patients have someone they can go to with questions. In this program, PAC students will have the opportunity to build a unique partnership with a patient in need. In addition, PAC will also give medical students a chance to gain early clinical experience and begin making a difference in someone’s life.