About Mock Trial

What  is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial reenacts the argument of a case at the trial level in the fictional state of Midlands. Each team takes a side in the case – either the prosecution in criminal cases and plaintiff for civil cases (depends on the year), or the defense – and divides its members into teams, each made up of attorneys and witnesses. Each Creighton team usually has between 6 and 10 members.

The attorneys’ role is to help advance the case through opening and closing statements, using direct examinations of the witnesses on their side, and cross examining the witnesses on the other side.

It’s the witnesses’ job, then, to bolster their side of the case by fending off the aggressive and revealing questions of the other attorney, while acting out the role of the character you are playing. (This is where acting becomes important)

Both witnesses and attorneys face constraints that make Mock Trial both challenging and fun.  Witnesses must stay on script: that is, their story or evidence must be consistent with what is written in their affidavit (basically a written testimony) in the case materials provided by the American Mock Trial Association and attorneys must adhere to the Rules of Evidence, which governs what questions and answers each party may ask and give.

How does Creighton Win?

Two judges score each component of the round awarding up to 10 points in any one category.  At the end of the trial, the team with the most points wins. (Ties are possible.)