Week 1

For WEEK 1 of our Reading Group – February 19 to 25 – which includes the first four days of Lent – our 25 Readers will be reading the first four sections of the book, Thrift Store Saints:  the Preface, Is This a Church?, and Chapters 1 & 2 (the first 20 pages of the book). 

Why such a small section of the book, to begin?  Our goal is encourage our 25 Readers to reflect upon this book carefully and to share with us the graces and blessings which come to them as they experience the stories in an in-depth way.  Their reflections for WEEK 1 appear below. 

Everyone is welcome to sign into the site and reply to any of our Readers’ comments.  May this Lenten Journey bless us all to open our hearts to seeing Jesus in the poor and learning from them.


Week 1 Reflection:
As we reflect about the beginning of the book and the first two chapters, let’s share what stories moved us. Who did Jane write about that touched me? How do the people in Jane’s life teach me something? What can I learn from Jane – and those she serves?

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