Jesuit/UCA Martyrs Catholic Comments Archives

These Catholic Comments Podcasts from Creighton University can provide helpful background information on the UCA Martyrs. Each is approximately 15 minutes long and features Podcast hosts Dr. Wendy Wright and Dr. John O’Keefe with various guests.


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2. Martyrs of El Salvador: General Overview of the 1989 Assassinations of the Seven Jesuits from the University of El Salvador (UCA), their housekeeper and her daughter from the perspective of 20 years. John Giuliano knew the UCA Martyrs and was a near witness to their murders. Here he reflects upon his memories of twenty-five years ago and upon his current ministry with the Tamarindo Foundation. Giuliano still lives in El Salvador.


3. Ignacio Ellacuria  (2 podcasts)

The martyrdom of the UCA Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter galvanized members of the Society of Jesus all over the world and continues to remind many Christians of the possible costs of discipleship. Rev. Kevin Burke, S.J. discusses the intellectual legacy of Ignacio Ellacuría, one of the six Jesuits killed.

Rev. Kevin Burke, S. J. discusses the legacy of the El Salvadoran Jesuit martyr Ignacio Ellacuría in this second podcast.

 4. Segundo Montes, S.J.:  Dr. Phil Meeks discusses the life and death of Segundo Montes, one of the 6 Jesuits killed in El Salvador 25 year ago. Meeks is a member of the Political Science Department at Creighton University.


5. Archbishop Oscar Romero: Damian Zynda, a member of Creighton’s CSP faculty, discusses her book Archbishop Oscar Romero: A Disciple Who Revealed the Glory of God. Romero was the Archbishop of El Salvador and was martyred in 1980.


6. Rutilio Grande (2 podcasts)

Dr. Tom Kelly of Creighton’s Theology Department reflects on the connection between the witness of Salvadoran martyr, Fr. Rutillio Grande, and Christology.

Dr. Tom Kelly of Creighton’s Theology Department reflects on the life and legacy of Salvadoran martyr Fr. Rutillio Grande.


7. Liberation Theology: Dr. Tom Kelly of Creighton’s Theology Department discusses Liberation Theology, the theological movement that influenced the UCA Martyrs.


8. Pedro Arrupe, SJ: Jesuit theologian Kevin Burke discusses the life and impact of Pedro Arrupe, SJ, Superior General of the Society of Jesus from 1965-1981.


9. Catholic Social Teaching: Dr. Roger Bergman explains the basic principles of Catholic Social Teaching.


10. The Bible and Social Justice: Rev. Thomas Massaro, S.J. discusses the biblical perspective on social justice.