Configure VPN on the iPad

Some, but certainly not all, members of the Creighton Community will connect to campus from home or other remote location using VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you are looking to connect to the Creighton network with your iPad via VPN, this page will provide the basics on how to get connected.

Go to the App Store and Download AnyConnect by Cisco. This is a free App.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed AnyConnect on your iPad, launch the App.

On the left side of the screen tap Add New Connection

Screenshot of the first set in creating a VPN connection using the AnyConnect iPad App

In the dialogue box that appears you need to add some information:

  1. For Description, enter: Blue
  2. For the Server Address, enter:
  3. Tap the Save button in the upper right of the dialogue box.

Screen shot of configuring AnyConnect VPN app

Now that you have saved the server configurations you are ready to connect.

In the upper left side of the screen tap on the On / Off Toggle switch next to AnyConnect VPN.

screen shot for configuring the AnyConnect app to work of the Creighton campus

A new dialogue box will appear. You need to add additional information:

  1. For User Name, enter your NetID
  2. For Password, enter your Blue Password (This is the same password that you use to check your Creighton email.)

screen shot of configuring the AnyConnect Ap to work with the Creighton network

You will get a new pop-up Cautioning about ASA Security. TapĀ Accept.

Screen shot showing the accept ASA security Certificate

You are now connected to the Creighton network over VPN.

You can tap the home button to leave the application.

To stop the VPN connection, return to AnyConnect and tap on the On / Off Toggle to shut down the connection.

On/Off Toggle to turn on and off the VPN connection in the AnyConnect App


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