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Of Several Things

Share/Bookmark This is Dr. Heaney’s final blog post One of the more courteous features of Western civilization is the respect it commonly affords deathbed statements. They may be wild and wacky, sometimes even profound, but they’re seldom dismissed out of … Continue reading

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The IOM Miscalculated Its RDA For Vitamin D

Share/Bookmark Last year (2014) saw an unusual event. Two statisticians at the University of Alberta in Ednonton, Canada (Paul Veugelers and JP Ekwaru) published a paper in the online journal Nutrients (6(10):4472-5) showing that the Institute of Medicine (IOM) had made … Continue reading

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The Paradox of Osteoporosis Irreversibility

Share/Bookmark Over 30 years ago I gave a paper at an osteoporosis meeting in Jerusalem titled “The Paradox of Irreversibility of Age-Related Bone Loss.” By  ”irreversibility” I meant that once the bone was lost there was not much that could … Continue reading

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