Office of Student Retention

Office of Student Retention

The Office of Student Retention offers students assistance in navigating their way at Creighton through support, resources and advising. The Office of Student Retention coordinates with campus academic and emotional support resources to ensure that students have the information and resources they need to help reach their academic goals at Creighton.

Retention Spotlight

ISSAQ Student Resources

The ISSAQ model represents the behavioral, motivational, emotional, and social domains of student success.

To find out more about the supporting research, relevance for student success, and ways to support students in each area, click below.

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Student Success Rate

Creighton students are succeeding at historically high rates even during the most challenging times.

    92.47% Freshmen Retention

    86.67% Sophomore and Junior Retention

Through the hard work of students, staff and faculty across the Creighton community, our students are succeeding and thriving.

Students, Nominate Someone for an Iggy

Students, now is the time to nominate someone that has embodied the spirit of Saint Ignatius Loyola for an Iggy award.

The IGGY Award, affectionately named after the Jesuit founder St. Ignatius of Loyola, is supported by the Office of Student Retention at Creighton. We want to honor and recognize a Creighton individual who has been instrumental to your success as a Bluejay.

Who was that professor, staff member or student leader who provided counsel and support during the last semester? Was it an instructor who provided mentoring beyond the classroom? Could it be the office administrator who encouraged you to try something new? Perhaps it was the RA or supervisor who gave great advice or staff member who made your day brighter.

The nominations are open until January 27, so get your nominations in now!

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The Office of Student Retention Professionals

Mary Ann Tietjen, M.Ed.

Associate Director, Office of Student Retention

As Associate Director of the Office of Student Retention, Mary Ann Tietjen collaborates with students, faculty and professional staff to create a success plan tailored to the courses, strengths and needs for students navigating their path at Creighton University.

Katie Breedlove

Assistant Director, Office of Student Retention

In her roles as Assistant Director of the Office of Student Retention Katie works closely with university professionals across the institution to help students identify resources that will help them on their journey at Creighton.

Maureen Beat

Administrative Assistant

Maureen works with students to help keep them on track through direct out-reach.


Faculty and Staff

Collaborating with faculty and staff across the Creighton community is key to retention. Along with direct intervention, the trusted voice of faculty and professional staff is the strongest tool that we have to help a student navigate their path at Creighton.




Engaging with faculty campus resources will help any student navigate their path towards graduation.


Families have questions, the Office of Student Retention is here to help.