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The CU Physician Experience enriches the lives of Creighton pre-medical students with shadowing opportunities across a wide range of medical specialties.

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The lifeblood of the CU Physician Experience is doctors that can share their knowledge with a pre-medical student. Physician shadowing is an effective way for pre-medical students to discern a vocation in medicine.

If you wish to share your experience with a Creighton student, please register for the program. Once registered you will be contacted based on your profile and student interest.

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In collaboration with the Creighton University School of Medicine Alumni Advisory Board, the Creighton University Pre-Health Sciences Advisory Committee and our alumni network, we provide our students with the educational background and co-curricular experiences necessary for the medical school application process. The program is administered through the PMED Seminar.

The Purpose of Shadowing

The CU Physician Experience is designed to give alumni of Creighton’s School of Medicine the opportunity to be represented in our database so that we can refer serious pre-medical students to them for potential shadowing experiences. Our goal is to educate and encourage students to observe medical professionals in a field of personal interest.

The Impact of Shadowing

The CU Physician Experience provided me an avenue to connect with genuine and caring physicians who made my shadowing experiences a personal and important stop on my journey of becoming a medical student and physician myself. The committed doctors I was able to shadow allowed me to spend a day reflecting on the beauty of medicine and why I want to become a physician. I am so thankful for the contacts and moments that the CU Physician Experience provided for me.

Stephanie, Class of 2014

About the PMED Education Seminar

In keeping with our Jesuit mission, values, and tradition, Creighton University offers a formal pre-medical education program for undergraduate students through the PMED Seminar. This program is designed to strengthen the candidacy of Creighton students as they prepare for the medical school application process. Discernment of a vocation in medicine is an integral part of this experience. Learn More about PMED Seminar.

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