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The CU Health Professions Experience enriches the lives of Creighton pre-pharmacy, pre-occupational therapy and pre-physical therapy students with shadowing opportunities.

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The CU Health Professions Experience provides an opportunity for Creighton alumni to share their knowledge with a pre-pharmacy, pre-occupational or pre-physical therapy student. Shadowing experiences are invaluable to help students discern a vocation in their chosen profession.

If you wish to share your experience with a Creighton student, please register for the program. Once registered you will be contacted based on your profile and student interest.

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In collaboration with the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, we provide our students with the educational background and co-curricular experiences necessary for the professional school application process. Observation in the form of shadowing is required for a successful application to a Physical Therapy program and strongly encouraged for Pharmacy and Occupational Therapy. Shadowing allows students to show their knowledge and understanding of the profession they will enter.

The Purpose of Shadowing

The CU Health Professions Experience is designed to give current undergraduate students the opportunity to be matched for a shadowing experience with a Creighton School of Pharmacy and Health Professions alumni or friend. Our goal is to educate and encourage students to observe professionals in a field of personal interest.

The Impact of Shadowing

Shadowing experiences have not only allowed me to narrow down my career choice, but have also allowed me to learn how pharmacy is incorporated into other disciplines as well. Shadowing has also led to multiple internship opportunities for me, including being hired as a pharmacist intern at the Nebraska Medical Center. This was a direct result of shadowing pharmacists at the hospital and being able to meet with the director of their Student Partner internship program.

Morgan – P3, Class of 2016

I believe that professionalism is created with three things: knowledge, demeanor and experience. Knowledge and demeanor can be taught to you or can be obtained by reading a book. What you gain from experience is something unique and can only be learned through a hands-on, in-the-field presence. The time I spent observing was truly valuable and solidified my passion for occupational therapy. Observing gave me my first glimpse into the profession of occupational therapy and made me eager for more.

Anthony – O2, Class of 2016

About the PRX, POPT and PPT Education Seminars

The Pre-Pharmacy Education Seminar, Pre-Occupational Therapy Education Seminar and Pre-Physical Therapy Education Seminar provide Creighton undergraduate students with the information necessary to strengthen their candidacy for successful application to pharmacy, physical therapy or occupational therapy school, but also ensures that this is the best path for the student. With panel discussions, guest speakers and more, the program covers all aspects of pre-professional preparation. Learn more about the PRX Education Seminar, the POPT Education Seminar and the PPT Education Seminar.

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