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Each student will have the opportunity to learn from and shadow highly qualified professionals. Shadowing opportunities provide experiential learning that helps students discover their career path.

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The EDGE Shadowing Program engages with Creighton alumni and friends to share knowledge and develop relationships for the benefit of our students. Shadowing experiences are invaluable and help students discern what is the best path for them.

If you wish to share your experience with a Creighton student, please register with the EDGE Shadowing Program. Once registered you will be contacted based on your profile and student interest.

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The Purpose of Shadowing

The Creighton EDGE provides students with the resources to find shadowing opportunities that fit their interest and desired career path. Shadowing experiences can cover different aspects of professional development. Experiential learning opportunities provide the bridge from the classroom to life as a young adult and professional.

The Impact of Shadowing

It was during my sophomore year at Creighton that I was drawn to a career in law. The EDGE provided me the opportunity to shadow at the Douglas County Attorney’s Office. Through this experience I became familiar with the duties, responsibilities, difficulties, and triumphs of a county attorney’s job. Deputy Douglas County Attorney Sarah Moore gave me an honest view of the work required and also the assurance I needed to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer.

Nicole, BA 2016

Industry Engagement

The EDGE engages with professionals across the country in a wide spectrum of employment areas. We do this based on our student’s interests and varied career paths. Our students are fortunate to have shadowed with professionals across the country, allowing them to gain an understanding of what is required to perform at the highest level in a given industry and what a day in the life is like.

Targeted Programs for Professional Shadowing

Depending on the choice of professional school, shadowing can be required as part of the application process, or exploratory to gain a better understanding of the profession. The EDGE, through our alumni and friends, has established targeted shadowing programs for students applying to certain professional programs. If you are a professional in one of these areas, please consider signing up.

Student Preparation

As part of the EDGE Shadowing Program, students are first introduced to standard expectations of professional etiquette through an online training module.

Professional Communication

A core aspect of the Professionalism Module is addressing the expectations of communication with students entering the professional environment possibly for the first time. With guidelines, tips and specific examples to work from, students are exposed to fundamental aspects of oral and written communication. Additionally, students are presented with information about non-verbal communication and appropriate cell phone usage in a professional setting.


All students in the EDGE Mentoring Program are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. We present students with four distinct ways to show respect: by arriving on time and being prepared and engaged; by asking questions but respecting boundaries set by the professional or the field; by showing gratitude, saying thank you and writing a thank you note; and by respecting all individuals that are met in any professional environment.

Etiquette and Behavior

Etiquette and behavior are another part of a student’s professional development. We present students with suggestions to keep in mind when it comes to personal conduct in a professional environment. Additionally, we provide students with concrete tips and information to help them maintain a positive attitude and to always be open to and welcome feedback.

Professional Appearance

Many times a suit and tie are appropriate for a professional environment, but not always. Sometimes safety is as important in the way a professional is dressed as anything else. We present students with different scenarios where certain expectations regarding personal appearance differ depending on the professional field.

Shadowing is a key component of all EDGE Learning Communities. Find out more about the EDGE Learning Communities.

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