Pre-Professional Development

EDGE Pre-Professional Development

The Creighton EDGE offers pre-professional development opportunities for our current students through a variety of ways. From one-on-one advising to pre-professional Learning Communities and experiential learning, the EDGE provides students with the resources and information to explore their professional interests.

Pre-Professional Advising

The EDGE provides one-on-one, pre-professional advising to students planning to apply to professional school in health care or law.

Pre-Health Advising

The EDGE provides pre-health advising for students interested in pursuing professional school in any number of healthcare fields.

Pre-Law Advising

The EDGE provides pre-law advising for students with an interest in pursuing a career in law.

Pre-Professional Learning Communities

The EDGE offers students the opportunity to enroll in a pre-professional Learning Community to explore their possible career interests.

Pre-Health Learning Community

The Pre-Health Learning Community (PHLC 200) is designed for students in their sophomore year to explore and discern their professional interests.

Pre-Pharmacy Seminars

The Pre-Pharmacy Seminars (PRX 100 and PRX 200) are designed for students applying to pharmacy school within two years.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Seminar

The Pre-Occupational Therapy Seminar (POPT 300) is designed for students applying to occupational therapy programs.

Pre-Medical Seminar

The Pre-Medical Seminar (PMED 300) is designed for students applying to medical school.

Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar

The Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar (PPA 300) is designed for students applying to physician assistant programs.

Pre-Physical Therapy Seminar

The Pre-Physical Therapy Seminar (PPT 300) is designed for students applying to physical therapy programs.

Pre-Dental Seminar

The Pre-Dental Seminar (PDDS 300) is designed for students applying to dental school.

Pre-Law Seminars

The Pre-Law Seminars (PLAW 200 and PLAW 300) are designed for students to explore and discern their professional interests, and prepare for applying to law school.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning through the Creighton EDGE offers students several different ways to be more hands on with their professional development.


The EDGE Scholars Program

The EDGE Scholars Program offers students an opportunity to explore career interests.


The EDGE Internship Program

The EDGE Internship Program offers students unique and challenging employment opportunities on campus.


EDGE Mentoring

EDGE Mentoring provides opportunities for students to engage with professionals beyond a single shadowing experience.


EDGE Shadowing

EDGE Shadowing offers students resources and opportunities to shadow professionals in their field of interest.

Learning Outcomes

The Creighton EDGE Pre-Professional Development resources and services are mapped to defined learning outcomes.

  1. Explore the profession and discern its fit to the student’s interests and skills.
    • Students will feel more confident in knowing how to explore the profession of their choice.
    • Students will feel more confident in their understanding of how to function in a professional environment.
    • Students will shadow a professional in their field of interest, gaining a stronger understanding of the profession.

  2. Develop an understanding of the admission requirements, application materials, and application timeline for professional programs.
    • Students will have a stronger understanding of the academic and co­-curricular requirements for admission to their professional program.
    • Students will develop relevant application materials.
    • Students will feel more confident they have an appropriate timeline and plan for the successful completion of an application.