Pre-Law Information

EDGE Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law Advising can help you discern a career in law, provide resources and learning opportunities to prepare for the law school application process, and find shadowing and mentoring opportunities with members of the legal profession.

Meet with an EDGE Pre-Law Advisor

If you have a pre-law question or if you are deciding if law is right for you, take time to talk with a Pre-Law Advisor in the Creighton EDGE.

Julie Olson, M.A.

Assistant Director of Pre-Professional Advising

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Meet with Julie Olson about:

  • Classes that may be helpful for law school
  • Shadowing or exploration activities to help you learn more about law school and legal careers
  • Navigating the law school application process
  • Writing a personal statement for law school
  • Choosing which law schools to apply

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Faculty Pre-Law Advisors

Pre-Law Advising is performed by faculty members in academic departments throughout the College of Arts and Sciences and the Heider College of Business. These advisors are available to assist students with questions about opportunities available in careers related to law, assistance with questions on pre-law requirements, and help with the application process.

Scott Hendrickson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations
Department of Political Science
Eppley 321
Phone: 280-2643

Primary Pre-Law Advisor for all Arts & Sciences 3-3 students

Amy Parrish, J.D.

Heider College of Business
Harper Center 4045D
Phone: 280-2613

Primary Pre-Law Advisor for all Heider College of Business 3-3 students

Dr. Elizabeth Elliot-Meisel

Associate Professor of History
Department of History
Humanities Center 222
Phone: 280-2654

Dr. Matthew Huss

Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Hixson-Lied 307
Phone: 280-3773

Dr. Kevin Graham

Professor of Philosophy
Humanities Center, Room 115
Phone: 280-1219

Dr. Kathleen Rettig

Assistant Professor of English
Department of English
Creighton Hall 129B
Phone: 280-2177

Dr. Jacob Rump

Professor of Philosophy
Humanities Center, Room 115
Phone: 280-2648


EDGE Pre-Law Pathway

In general, students must complete a Bachelor’s degree prior to starting law school. “Pre-Law” is not an academic major at Creighton. Students can major in any subject and go on to law school. You should major in something that you will enjoy and something that will offer you a parallel plan, should you law school plans change.

There is an exception to the Bachelor’s degree requirement: the 3-3 Law Program. Creighton University’s 3-3 Law Program offers pre-law students the opportunity to complete their Bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor degree in six years, instead of the typical seven. The 3-3 Law option is available through both the Heider College of Business and the Creighton College of Arts and Sciences. Students in the 3-3 Law Program must complete their Juris Doctor degree at Creighton School of Law.

Students spend their first three years at Creighton University in the Heider College of Business or the College of Arts and Sciences. There, they follow a specific 3-3 curriculum for their major. In the junior year, students apply to Creighton School of Law, following the same application process as regular law school applicants. If accepted, students forgo their senior year and start law school at Creighton School of Law. After successfully completing the first year of law school with grades of “C” or better, they student is awarded the bachelor’s degree. Two years later, the student will complete the Juris Doctor degree.

EDGE Pre-Law Community

The EDGE PLAW Information Community brings together students with a shared interest in law. Through the community, students have the opportunity to connect with other pre-law students, participate in EDGE workshops and events related to law, and prepare for the application process to law school. Students can self-enroll in the PLAW Information Community at Or, contact the EDGE at for assistance.

Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society is a student-run organization who seeks to create a forum for students to share their mutual legal interest with each other, with Creighton faculty, and with members of the legal profession.

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Pre-Law Resources

Law School Admission Council

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