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Sorting out courses or majors when aiming for professional school in the healthcare field can be challenging. Take time to talk with a pre-health advisor in the Creighton EDGE.

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Dr. Charles Austerberry
Director for Pre-Health Advising
Linda Dunn
Assistant Director for Pre-Health Advising
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Pre-health advising is located in the EDGE Office, located in the Reinert Alumni Library building, lower level. Pre-health advising is available to all Creighton students by appointment.

The Creighton EDGE offers pre-health students one-on-one advising to assist in navigating their undergraduate curriculum, build their application profile and direct them to application and testing resources available to them both online and on campus. Dr. Charles Austerberry directs the pre-health advising with many faculty and staff ready to help students on their path to professional school.


Discernment is a significant part of pre-health advising at Creighton. We help guide students to discernment opportunities like volunteering or shadowing to ensure they fully explore the career path they are considering. Special events are held bringing in professionals from a variety of healthcare careers so they may see the many options available to them. Students are also encouraged to do their own research online, seek out employment and internships, and take advantage of career assessments available through the Career Center. And a number of faculty and staff advisors stand ready to further assist them with exploring in order to discern the health career path that is best for them.


Applying to professional school in the field of healthcare can be a daunting process. There are many steps to be completed over time for a student to have a competitive application package. Through pre-health advising in the EDGE we ensure they are on track with any academic course requirements, and discuss options for preparing for possible entrance exams, interviews. Additionally, we make sure students are aware of other elements that make up a strong application, like building a portfolio of extracurricular activities and leadership, and garnering real world experiences in their chosen field.


Through the Creighton EDGE, students are assisted with multiple aspects of the actual application to professional school. In addition to the help given by pre-health advisors and in the learning communities, the Creighton Career Center provides targeted workshops on resumes, personal statements, and interview preparation. The Career Center counselors also provide individual assistance to students by reviewing personal statements and providing practice interviews. Students are encouraged to enroll in one of several learning communities that focus on preparation for application to professional school in the healthcare field.


For students to be successful in their goals, we expect them to fully engage in the whole process of preparing to apply to a professional school. The Learning Communities provided by the Creighton EDGE are one unique and interactive opportunity for students to be more engaged in their own professional growth and development. These structured seminars not only impart knowledge, they also empower students to take advantage of all that Creighton has to offer. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in student organizations that are run by students with interest in a career in one of several healthcare fields.

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