Mentoring & Shadowing


Each student will have the opportunity to learn from and shadow highly qualified professionals. Shadowing opportunities provide experiential learning that help students discover their path.

Be a Mentor

The EDGE Mentoring Program engages with Creighton alumni and friends to share knowledge and develop relationships for the benefit of our students. Shadowing experiences are invaluable and help students discern what is the best path.

If you wish to share your experience with a Creighton student, please register to be an EDGE Mentor. Once registered you will be contacted based on your profile and student interest.

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The Purpose of Shadowing

The Creighton EDGE provides students with shadowing and mentoring opportunities. Each relationship is guided by the interests and goals of the mentor and student. Mentoring relationships can cover all aspects of professional and personal development. Experiential learning opportunities provide the bridge from the classroom to life as a young adult and professional.

The Impact of Shadowing

Since I was a young elementary school student I wanted to study the weather. I contacted the EDGE program and set up a shadowing experience with the local National Weather Service. And the shadowing experience taught me that I don’t want that job. But, I am not discouraged, I’m instead empowered by it; because this predicament is exactly why I chose Creighton. I know that if I’m going to get anywhere, Creighton is going to help me do it. The EDGE program is assisting me in finding my niche.

Courtney, Class of 2017

Mentoring and shadowing are key components of all the EDGE Learning Communities. Find out more about the EDGE Learning Communities.

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