Pre-Physical Therapy Seminar

Program of Study

The Pre-Physical Therapy Education Seminar at Creighton University is a three-year, five-semester program. PPT is tiered to build across each semester starting with PPT 102 in the Spring semester of the freshman year and concluding with PPT 302 in the Spring semester of the junior year. Any Creighton student interested in physical therapy school is welcome to register for the seminar.

Year One

PPT 102

The first semester of PPT Seminar is designed to be an introduction to aspects of the physical therapy school application process, including professionalism & integrity, volunteering, shadowing, patient confidentiality & medical records, and an exploration of the physical therapy profession. Students will learn about what activities and preparation are necessary to have a competitive application to physical therapy school. Additional advising is also given regarding the selection of academic courses necessary for a physical therapy school application.

Year Two

PPT 201

In semester two of PPT, students write a resume, use the COMPAS Journal to build a portfolio of accomplishments, learn from faculty about requesting letters of recommendation and about research opportunities. Discernment opportunities include a panel of healthcare professionals and learn ways to obtain patient care experience in an employment setting.

PPT 202

Students receive a detailed preview of the physical therapy school application and learn about the MCAT in the third semester of PPT. Directions about preparation and academic coursework are provided to assist with readiness on this standardized exam. Financial Literacy and a Self-Assessment Module help students take stock of their progress towards a competitive application. Discernment on the many ways to physical therapy school includes Gap Year options, Post-Baccalaureate programs, and Master’s degrees.

Year Three

PPT 301

In the fourth semester of PPT students revise their resume, review their activities, and write a personal statement. Students are advised regarding their progress towards a competitive application and information about MCAT preparation is offered. The opportunity to Shadowing a physical therapy Student (SAMS), allows PPT students to visit classes in Creighton’s School of Medicine.

PPT 302

Elements of the final semester of PPT include personal statement workshops, Interviewing Skills Workshop, and a thorough review of AMCAS, and collecting the final elements needed for physical therapy school applications. The Campus Letter Application process is explained, and students are introduced to the on-campus letter of recommendation collection service.

Key Components of the Pre-Physical Therapy Education Seminar

In addition to providing information and resources to prepare for an application to physical therapy school, PPT also encompasses programming and advising to assist students in deciding if this is the best path for them.

EDGE Priorities

Pending the successful completion of all five semesters of the PPT program, certain considerations will be in place when a student applies to the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. These considerations change with each new class of students.

COMPAS Journal

PPT students are provided an online tool to track their physical therapy school application materials with the Creighton Online Medical and Professional Application System (COMPAS) Journal. Students build their application materials through all five semesters of PPT. The COMPAS Journal is modeled after PTCAS, the national application service used by major physical therapy schools in the country.

Mock Interviews and Workshops

Physical therapy school interviews are a critical part of the application process. Through PPT, students learn interviewing techniques and participate in feedback-driven mock interviews to prepare for their physical therapy school interviews.

Professional Communication Seminar

Often the first contact that physical therapy schools have with a student is the written word. PPT provides workshops for students to develop their personal statements and resumes for their applications to physical therapy school.

Guest Speakers

From current physical therapy students to physical therapy school admissions professionals and experts in the field of healthcare, PPT gives students the chance to hear from and ask questions to a host of individuals that provide insight into the application process or what to expect in and out of physical therapy school.


Clinical Shadowing Opportunities

Observing a professional in his or her place of work is critical for students to decide which direction to take in their professional careers. Through the PPT program, students can shadow a physical therapy professionals based who can assist them in finding their passions and building their application portfolios.

Registration Information

Registrar Number Course Name Meeting Time Location
2015 Spring Semester
13139 PPT 102 Thursday 3:30-4:45 PM Rigge 120
13140 PPT 202 Thursday 3:30-4:45 PM Rigge 120