Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar

Purpose of the Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar – PPA 300

The Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar at Creighton University is offered to all students who are preparing to apply to a physician assistant graduate program. Students participate in PPA 300 in either their Junior or Senior year. Collecting all the elements necessary for a competitive application is the focus of this seminar.


Students are encouraged to continue to reflect on their decision to pursue the physician assistant profession. Guest speakers will provide further exploration of the physician assistant profession. Students will be encouraged to continue obtaining patient care experience in either a volunteer or employment setting.


Information about the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) application is covered. Students will be advised on collecting letters of recommendation, and preparing an updated portfolio of their activities and experiences. Students will also be advised regarding their progress towards a competitive application.


Personal Statement Workshops are provided to have students work on a draft of their personal statement for professional school applications. An Interviewing Skills Workshop is presented and students are encouraged to schedule a practice interview in the Career Center before a physician assistant school interview.

Key Components of the Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar

In addition to providing information and resources to prepare for an application to physician assistant programs, PPA also encompasses programming and advising to assist students in deciding if this is the best path for them.


Collaboration with Pre-Physician Assistant Club

The PPA program has a strong relationship with the student-run Pre-Physician Assistant Club at Creighton. From scheduling special speakers to developing programming for all students interested in a career in the medical field, the Pre-Physician Assistant Club picks up where the Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar leaves off.

COMPAS Journal

PPA students are provided an online tool to track their physician assistant program application materials with the Creighton Online Medical and Professional Application System (COMPAS) Journal. Students build their application materials through PHLC 200 and PPA 300. The COMPAS Journal is modeled after CASPA, the national application service used by major physician assistant programs in the country.

Practice Interviews and Workshops

Physician assistant program interviews are a critical part of the application process. Through PPA, students learn interviewing techniques and participate in feedback-driven practice interviews to prepare for their physician assistant program interviews.

Professional Communication Seminar

Often the first contact that physician assistant programs have with a student is the written word. PPA provides workshops for students to develop their personal statements and resumes for their applications to physician assistant programs.

Guest Speakers

From current physician assistant students to physician assistant program admissions professionals and experts in the field of healthcare, PPA gives students the chance to hear from and ask questions to a host of individuals that provide insight into the application process and what to expect in and out of a physician assistant program.


Shadowing Opportunities

Shadowing a physician assistant is an important step in determining readiness to apply to a physician assistant program. Students in PPA will learn ways to acquire these opportunities. Creighton undergraduate alums currently in PA school or already in the PA profession may also assist Pre-PA students with shadowing and mentoring opportunities.