Pre-Law Seminar

During this five-semester seminar, PLAW will not only provide the information necessary to strengthen the student’s candidacy for successful application to law school, but will work to ensure that this is the best option for the student. Panel discussions, guest speakers and presentations about trends in the legal profession are all part of the program. The seminar will cover all aspects of pre-professional preparation for law school, including the application process and writing skills.

Creighton Admit Rates vs. National Average

Creighton students are consistently above the national average for admittance to law school.

The Creighton EDGE and the Creighton School of Law work together to ensure our students have the EDGE over other applicants in their pre-professional development.

Regardless of your choice of law program, Creighton students are well prepared.

Program of Study

The Pre-Law Education Seminar at Creighton University is a three-year, five-semester program. PLAW is tiered to build across each semester starting with PLAW 102 in the Spring semester of the freshman year and concluding with PLAW 302 in the Spring semester of the junior year. Any Creighton student interested in law school are encouraged to register for the seminar.

Year One

PLAW 102

Topics covered in the first semester of the Pre-Law Education series include: professionalism and integrity, faith and Jesuit values, volunteering, service, and shadowing, introduction to the requirements for law school and introductions to the “Creighton Online Medical and Professional Application System” (COMPAS) Journal and application process. Financial literacy is also introduced as a key component of the Learning Community series. Students are introduced to the Law School Application Service (LSAC) system. This series introduces the students to the legal profession as well as preparation for application to law school. An overview of requirements and initial discernment of what it means to study law.

Year Two

PLAW 201

In the second semester of the Pre-Law Education series, discernment and understanding the legal profession are key. Topics include panel discussions, tours, and a focus on experiential learning. A focus on shadowing with professional students and professionals is key to the discernment process. Legal focused service, faith, integrity and professionalism remain components. Students continue to build their application to law school through the COMPAS Journal.

PLAW 202

The third semester of the Pre-Law Education series focuses on the student’s journey toward application to law school. Topics include resumes, cover letters, personal statements, as well as writing skills that will be crucial as the students begin to build their portfolio for law school. The COMPAS Journal will allow students to build their application. Discernment remains a key component with panel discussions, guest speakers and experiential learning and mentoring. Financial literacy, integrity and professionalism remain main components.

Year Three

PLAW 301

The fourth semester in the Pre-Law Education series is focused on preparing the application to law school and includes personal statement workshops, requesting letters of recommendation and the campus letter. A thorough review of LSAC (Law School Application Service) and submission of applications, deadlines, and character and fitness are key components. Students will finalize their application to take the LSAT as well as their discernment of schools and programs for application.

PLAW 302

The final semester in the Pre-Law Education series will ensure that the students are prepared for law school application. Students are also advised regarding their progress towards a competitive application and are encouraged to reflect on their decision to pursue law. Financial options for law school are explored. Character and fitness, integrity and professionalism continue to be discussed. Discernment is focused on the transition to the profession.

Key Components of the Pre-Law Education Seminar

In addition to providing information and resources to prepare for an application to law school, PLAW also encompasses programming and advising to assist students in deciding if this is the best path for them.

EDGE Priorities

Pending the successful completion of all five semesters of the PLAW program, certain considerations will be in place when a student applies to the Creighton University School of Law. These considerations change with each new class of students.

COMPAS Journal

PLAW students are provided an online tool to track their law school application materials with the Creighton Online Medical and Professional Application System (COMPAS) Journal. Students build their application materials through all five semesters of PLAW. The COMPAS Journal is modeled after LSAC, the national application service used by major law schools in the country.

Guest Speakers

From current law students to practicing attorneys and experts in the legal field, PLAW gives students the chance to hear from  a host of individuals that provide insight into the application process  and what to expect in and out of law school.

Professional Communication Seminar

Often the first contact that law schools have with a student is the written word. PLAW provides workshops for students that give particular attention to writing personal statements, resumes and overall writing skills.


Legal Shadowing Opportunities

Observing a professional in his or her place of work is critical for a students who are deciding which direction they will take in their professional careers. Through the PLAW program, students shadow legal professionals based on area of interest and are able to greatly expand their view and knowledge of the profession.

Registration Information

Registrar Number Course Name Meeting Time Location
2015 Spring Semester
13131 PLAW 102 Wednesday 2:00-3:15 PM Rigge Science 120
13132 PLAW 202 Wednesday 2:00-3:15 PM Rigge Science 120