Pre-Health Learning Community

Purpose of the Pre-Health Learning Community – PHLC 200

The Pre-Health Learning Community is a year-long, pre-professional program focused on informing undergraduate student about the different requirements, materials and processes needed for application to the various professional schools in healthcare.

PHLC 200 provides students with information about the different professional programs to help with their discernment process, resources for shadowing and volunteering opportunities and training in professionalism and HIPAA legislation. A student does not need to be identified with a specific pre-health interest to register for the Pre-Health Learning Community.


PHLC 200 will ensure students know what they need to do in order to build a competitive application for a professional school application. Pre-Health Advising is offered by both faculty and professional staff.


Students will have the opportunity to learn about many different options for professional programs in healthcare as they are encouraged to reflect on their choice of profession.


An important aspect to building a competitive application profile is self assessment and review. In PHLC 200 students will participate in several “self checks” to assess their progress towards being ready to apply to professional school.

Key Components of the Pre-Health Learning Community

In addition to providing information and resources to prepare for application to professional school, PHLC 200 also encompasses opportunities for students to enhance and develop their application profile.

Professionalism and Integrity

The transition from an undergraduate college experience to a professional school program requires students to develop in many ways. In PHLC 200, the importance of behaving as a professional and acting with integrity will be emphasized. The important topic of patient confidentiality and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) will also be covered.


Building a Competitive Application

Both academic and co-curricular aspects of a competitive application to healthcare professional schools will be covered in detail. Students will build a resume, learn about finding research opportunities, and hear about the importance of cultivating faculty relationships. The importance of service and volunteering, leadership, shadowing, cultural awareness, and experience in a healthcare setting will be discussed.


Self Evaluation

An important aspect to discerning a career path in healthcare is self evaluation. Through the Pre-Health Learning Community students are provided opportunities to explore various career paths as well as evaluate their strengths and interests.


Students are encouraged to actively explore healthcare professions according to their interest in a certain field of practice. Programming to assist this process will include panels with both practicing professionals and professional students, opportunities to shadow professional students at Creighton’s graduate level healthcare programs, and the ability to interact with admissions counselors from Creighton’s healthcare professional schools.

Self Assessment

Students will be encouraged to reflect on their choice of healthcare profession and to examine their progress towards a competitive application. Pre-Health Advisors will offer guidance on a student’s readiness to apply to professional school.

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

Many healthcare professional schools offer interprofessional education to prepare their students to practice in a collaborative way in order to improve health outcomes for their patients. At Creighton, the EDGE is committed to introducing some aspects of interprofessional education with pre-health students. This will enable them to explore how different healthcare professionals work together to treat patients and better prepare them for their professional school experience.

Creighton Online Medical and Professional Application Service (COMPAS) Journal

The COMPAS Journal is a robust online tool that is modeled after multiple centralized application service applications. Students have the opportunity to enter and update information on their academic and co-curricular experiences in order to be ready to submit this information in their application.