EDGE Exploration & Strategies Seminars

EDGE Exploration and Strategies Seminars Information

The EDGE Exploration Seminar and the EDGE Strategies Seminar at Creighton University are one-semester courses. EDGE 102 and EDGE 201 can work together to enhance a student’s exposure to options of study and potential career paths after they finish their undergraduate studies.

EDGE Exploration Seminar

EDGE 102

This course is designed for students who are in the exploratory phase of their career development. It is best suited for students who want to explore their interests in relation to possible majors and careers. Students will assess their values, interests, and skills, and be exposed to a variety of information to help them better understand what best suits their educational and professional goals. Throughout the course students will participate in self-assessments, acquire self-knowledge, evaluate majors and career opportunities, and develop an individual career development plan.

EDGE Strategies Seminar

EDGE 201

This course is designed for students to help them prepare for the professional world. It is best suited for students who are interested in applying for an internship or employment. Students will assess their interests and strengths, create a resume and cover letter, learn how to search for jobs and internships, practice interviewing and networking skills, and enhance their professional development. Upon completion of the course students will have gained the resources and skills needed to begin a successful internship or job search.

Key Components of the EDGE Exploration and Strategies Seminars

Students in these seminars will be exposed to discernment tools that will help with the decision-making process. Assessments, panel discussions, one-on-one sessions and a variety of resources will be utilized to help the students choose the right path.

Interest Assessments

While some students come to Creighton with a specific goal in mind, some students are still working to discover what they are passionate about. The EDGE Exploration Seminar provides students with various interest inventories that can help inform and direct them.

Professional Communication Workshop

Often the first contact that employers have with a student is the written word. The EDGE seminars provides workshops for students to develop their cover letters and resumes for internships and job applications.

Guest Speakers

From former students to professionals and faculty, the EDGE Exploration Seminar gives students the chance to hear from and ask questions of a host of individuals that provide insight into what to expect in and out of college.

Practice Interviews

Internship and job interviews can be a stressful experience for many students. Through the EDGE, students learn interviewing techniques and participate in feedback-driven mock interviews to prepare for internship and job interviews.

Registration Information

Registrar Number Course Name Meeting Time Location
2014 Fall Semester
72999 EDGE 201 Tuesdays 3:30-4:45 PM Harper 2060