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Academic Success offers a variety of programs and workshops to help you gain confidence and build the skills you need to reach your academic goals.

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Named after the part of the brain involved in memory formation, organization, and learning processes, the Hippocampus Success Seminar is an interactive program designed to orient new students to the academic rigor and expectations of the Creighton classroom.

Week 1 – A Beautiful Mind: The Psychology of Learning
Wednesday, September 1 | 7-8pm | Criss 452
  • Beliefs about how we learn and how our beliefs influence our success.
  • Brain function and how it impacts concentration, focus, and handling distractions.
  • Mindset, grit, and resilience – keys to overcoming setbacks.
Week 2 – Everyday Choices: Strategies for Academic Success
Wednesday, September 8 | 7-8pm | Criss 452
  • Class… to go or not to go? Homework… what if it isn’t required?
  • Strategies to help manage all this FREE TIME and the importance of setting a schedule.
  • Movin’ on up! How successful students make the jump from HS to college-level studying.

Week 3 – Get Connected: Campus Resources to Use Now
Wednesday, September 15 | 7-8pm | Criss 452
  • It’s online, but where?! BlueLine, BlueCast, N.E.S.T., CUMail, & CreightonConnect.
  • People to know, places to go… the Creighton EDGE, the Writing Center, & the library.
  • Unleash the power of your mobile device for learning – there’s an app for that!
Week 4 – Act Like You Belong: You’re a Bluejay!
Wednesday, September 22 | 7-8pm | Criss 452
  • How to succeed in different classroom environments.
  • The value of learning for the sake of knowledge, not just because you have to!
  • Professors are people, too! Get to know them (you’ll be glad you did).

BIO Bootcamp!

Mid-Late September – check back for details!

Join Academic Success in this workshop that will focus on test taking techniques, study tips, time management tools, and other advice specifically related to the study of biology. Walk away (or log out!) with some practical and useful strategies that will help you master BIO and ace (or do really well) on your next exam!

EDGE Advantage

Fall Semester

EDGE Advantage is an 8 week academic success seminar that focuses on practical mindfulness strategies to manage academic challenges common to students with ADHD. For more information, contact Randi Bibins-Clark