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EDGE Internship Program

Carefully supervised, on-campus learning experience where students have purposeful professional objectives and learning outcomes to aid in their career development.

Provides hands-on method for students to validate their choice of major and/or career field while obtaining real-world experience.

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Program Overview

The EDGE Internship Program provides more than just a job opportunity. The on-campus internships that are offered through this program provide valuable experience for students just starting out on their professional journey.

Program Structure


Program Structure

Available Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
1 EDGE internship per term per student
Maximum of 3 semesters per student
Elevated learning experience not to exceed more than 25% clerical or administrative duties

Internship Structure

Paid through the EDGE at $12/hour
10 – 20 hour commitment per week; 12 weeks maximum per semester (25 hours/week up to 14 weeks for summer internships)
Department supervised, guided and designed


Application Requirements

Internships available to all undergraduate majors and students
No minimum GPA requirement
Must submit resume and cover letter per internship opportunity for consideration


Performance Reviews

Based on Learning Outcomes
Conducted each term or semester
Department run and signed off by both supervisor and student

Program Process

Application Prep

  • Identify Internship
  • Cover Letter and Resume review
  • Professionalism training

Application and Interview

  • Formal submission of application
  • Interview prep session with Career Counselor
  • Interview with employer

Performance Review

  • Employer Performance Review
  • EDGE end of semester review and reflection

Learning Outcomes

The EDGE Internship Program is designed as a learning opportunity for students. “On the job” performance and specific learning outcomes are assessed at the end of the each semester to ensure student growth and learning during every internship experience.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Express oral and written ideas clearly and effectively.
Contribute to a positive work environment through personal interactions with others.
Accept feedback, be open to new ideas, and handle conflict constructively and diplomatically.
Demonstrate active listening skills and effective non-verbal communication.



Demonstrate commitment to the team’s mission and goals.
Develop relationships with others to collaborate and solve problems.
Work effectively with diverse populations at all levels.
Engage with and contribute to team initiatives.



Display professional behavior and dress appropriately for position.
Understand how one is perceived by others; self-awareness.
Report to work reliably and proactively notify management when unexpected problems occur.
Demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to position while accepting responsibility for personal actions.
Exercise good judgement, practice ethical decision-making, and maintain appropriate confidentiality.


Organizational and Time Management

Manage time, priorities and resources to achieve goals.
Complete assignments accurately and efficiently to consistently meet deadlines.
Compile, organize and store printed and electronic information.
Identify critical activities and tasks, prioritizing as appropriate.
Use time effectively and prevent irrelevant issues or distractions from interfering with work completion.

Technical and Analytical Skills

Utilize office equipment and other relevant technology (software and systems) to perform tasks.
Develop skills in use of technology to prepare and present ideas.
Understand information related to assignments, including department and University policies/procedures.
Use a combination of logic, analysis, experience, knowledge and methods to solve problems.
Understand the technical language of the position.


The EDGE Internship Program provides many opportunities for diverse student interests. These are competitive openings that require students to apply and interview with an area supervisor before they begin their internship.

Participating Departments & Internships

Business Office / Operations
Research Intern
Office of the Provost
Finance Intern
Office of the Registrar
Registrar/Records Intern
Global Engagement Office
Assessment Intern
Marketing & Communications
Marketing Intern
Business Service Center
Shared Services/Finance Division
Business Service Center Intern
Enrollment Management
Marketing Intern
College of Nursing
Leadership Scholar Intern
School of Pharmacy & Health Professions
Office of Academic & Student Affairs
Special Projects Intern
Center for Public Health & Ethics
Marketing Intern
Office of Equity & Inclusion
Research Intern
Research Intern
CAS Honors Program
Research Intern
Schlegel Center for Service & Justice
Social Ministry Intern
Fine & Performing Arts Department
CU@theArts Program Intern
Theater Arts Intern
Finance Division
Undergraduate Colleges Finance Support
Financial Modeling/Data Analyst Intern
One Stop/Business Office
Student Account Rep Intern
College of Arts and Sciences
Dean’s Office
Events Intern
Educational Opportunity Programs
Marketing Intern
Human Resources
Human Resources Intern
Division of Student Life – Creative Suite
Design Intern
Office of Alumni Relations
Social Media and Events Intern
John P. Fahey Career Center
HR Operations Intern
Office of Interprofessional Scholarship,
Service and Education (OISSE)
Research Intern
School of Law
Communications and Marketing Intern
Education/MAGIS Catholic Teacher Corps
Catholic School Initiatives Intern
Department of Cultural & Social Studies
Research Intern
Athletic Development Intern
Card & Mail Services
Financial Analysis Intern
Marketing & Communications Intern
Violence Intervention And Prevention (VIP) Center
Violence Prevention Leadership Team Intern


Hear what students and Creighton faculty and staff have to say about their experience with the EDGE Internship Program.

Our intern has been nothing short of amazing. She has made tangible and material improvements for our office and we consider her an invaluable member of our team.

Mark Turner, Director of the Business Office

I believe the internship program has provided and continues to provide valuable real life work experience and insight focusing on the actual business functions of the University. Our department has benefited as well. This mentoring and training that has taken place has allowed us to review processes and procedures with a fresh and new perspective.

Jeff Klein, Business Service Center Manager

This internship has turned into so much more than a mere on-campus job. On top of getting experience from different projects, I have also gained a great mentor. He has also given me the liberty to design my own project that I will be able to show at the end of my internship. Before I started, I thought that I would just do odds and ends for the office but I was very wrong. The office has welcomed me and given me very meaningful work. I truly look forward to the time that I get to be in the office working on my projects.

Katie Hart, Marketing & Finance Major – Class of 2018

The EDGE Social Ministry Internship has provided me with an incredible opportunity to learn professional skills, further my postgraduate discernment process, and strengthen my leadership experience. I was granted a great deal of autonomy in completing projects, which gave me confidence in my abilities and allowed me to creatively contribute to the SCSJ. Through spearheading various projects, I have grown in my leadership skills and discovered what similar position attributes I would like to find in a postgraduate career.

Erin Kurvers, B.A., 2016

Contact Us

If you are a current Creighton student interested in applying for an EDGE Internship position or a faculty or staff member wanting more information on how to set up an EDGE Internship in your department or area, please reach out and let us know.

Student Application Information

If you are a current Creighton student interested in applying for an on-campus EDGE Internship position please complete the following steps:

  1. Visit Jobs4Jays website powered by Handshake
  2. Login using the “Creighton University Logon” option. (Use your NetID and Blue Password)
  3. Select the Jobs tab along the top menu.
  4. In the left side menu, under the Filters, select “Internship” as the Job Type
  5. Under Keywords type “EDGE Internship Program”
  6. Identify internship(s) and apply via Jobs4Jays – making sure to attach:
    • Cover Letter
    • Resume
  7. If you are interested in multiple internships, you need to apply separately per job on Jobs4Jays and include a cover letter PER POSITION
  8. Questions? Email EDGEInterns@creighton.edu

Establish an on-campus EDGE Internship in your area

If you are interested in creating an EDGE Internship position in your department or area at Creighton, please email Teresa Preister, Career & Internship Counselor, at teresapreister@creighton.edu, to begin the process.

View a sample EDGE Internship description template.