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John P. Fahey Career Center
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Phone: (402) 280-2722
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“Using the talents that God gave you . . . . This is an obvious pursuit (and a uniquely Jesuit endeavor) that we attempt each and every day of our lives. However, it is more than that; it is a deep obligation that we need to adopt and require of each other. To have talent and skill toward a purposeful goal and to not use that God-given gift is, perhaps, the worst transgression of all. We all, indeed, have been given unique gifts and talents – we owe it to our God and to our world to use these talents, to reach toward lofty goals, and to engage our highest level of knowledge and skill for the good of our fellow man and for the Greater Glory of God.”
~ Ignatian and Jesuit Career Discernment



The John P. Fahey Career Center recommends that students begin their career and job search efforts as early as possible during their academic careers.

Explore, Develop and Implement are the three tenets the staff of the John P. Fahey Career Center use as a framework for assisting students through the career development process.

The services provided by the Center include career assessments, career courses, individual and group internship and job search coaching, resume assistance, practice interviewing, career fairs, campus interviews, etc.

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The John P. Fahey Career Center has very substantive relationships with employers locally, regionally and nationally.

Services to employers include job and internship listings online, resume referrals for internship and entry-level candidates, career fairs every semester and access to faculty and students on-campus through information tables and group presentations.

Another unique offering to employers through the Career Center is the opportunity to participate in the Employer Sponsorship Program which affords employers even more access to students, graduates and recent alumni.

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Creighton alumni can use all the John P. Fahey Career Center services throughout their careers. Whether the alum is looking to change jobs, transition into a new career or exploring advanced study opportunities, the Career Center staff is there to assist in these goals.

The Career Center website offers a number of services and programs free of charge to alumni all over the country. Counseling appointments for alums living out-of-state are available via phone call or Skype.

Alums are also eligible to use the career center services of all of the 28 Jesuit colleges and universities through the Jesuit Career Center Consortium.

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Career Center Resources

Creighton University recognizes that a strong relationship exists between academic and career goals, so the John P. Fahey Career Center is structured to better assist students in reaching their goals. Students who become familiar with the Career Center resources early on (as Freshmen or Sophomores) are more prepared for the transitions they face after graduation.

Career & Academic Exploration

The Career Center staff coordinates the EDGE Scholars program, a four-year career and professional development program open to all undergraduate students. The program is designed for students who are determined to jump-start their career discernment, highlighting the importance of career prepared­ness through careful self-reflection, internships, exclusive networking events, unique career-specific shad­owing, and mentoring opportunities. The Career Center also offers individual career counseling sessions as well as career assessments to help students learn more about their skills, values, and interests and how they connect with specific careers, majors, and workplace environments.


Resumes and Career Correspondence

John P. Fahey Career Center counselors assist students and alumni with developing their resumes, cover letters, and personal statements. Students are encouraged to upload their resumes to Handshake, the Career Center’s career management system. Every resume that gets submitted is critiqued and approved before it is made available to potential employers. Every student or alumni job seeker should also be prepared to submit cover letters to every job or internship for which they apply. Since a large number of Creighton undergraduates have career goals that include graduate and/or professional school, the Career Center facilitates Personal Statement Workshops and regularly reviews drafts of these documents, as well.


Internship and Job Search Resources

The John P. Fahey Career Center website is a significant compilation of company, industry, and labor market information along with job search and networking tools such as Handshake, Vault, Going Global, CareerShift, and many others. All of these online resources are designed to help Creighton students and alumni execute the most effective internship/job search and networking strategies. There are also a significant number of resources available to those students preparing for entrance to graduate and/or professional school.


Handshake is Creighton University’s online career management system for students, alumni, employers and Career Center staff. It is an online resource that allows employers and staff to list all types of internships and jobs, and access a database of student and alumni resumes. The Career Center also uses this system to manage career fairs, events, and on-campus interviewing.