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3 More Tips – December 2017

1. It’s the Final(s) Countdown! *cue music* This is your first experience with college finals, and it’s go time! As you put together your study plan, ask yourself How will I be tested?, and then get to work studying in the way you will be tested. Gather your materials: syllabi, lecture notes, old tests and quizzes, homework assignments, [...]

3 More Tips – November 2017

3 More Tips from Academic Success    1. Getting back into the swing of things Fall break happened! Hopefully you had a chance to relax, unwind, and reconnect with family and friends, or maybe you volunteered or got caught up on some things. No matter how you spent your time, one thing is certain: fall break [...]

3 More Tips – October 2017

You made it through the 7th week of your first semester at Creighton! By now, you’ve probably settled into some sort of routine – hopefully a productive one, but maybe not… – and are starting to understand what it takes to keep up with your classes on a day-to-day basis. You’ve likely made it through [...]

MCAT Wisdom

As you enter the time of preparing to take the MCAT, taking the MCAT, and perhaps trying to decide about re-taking the MCAT…here are some WOW (words of wisdom) thoughts you should take to heart, courtesy of our very own Dr. Austerberry: Only take the MCAT when you think it will be your last MCAT [...]


Activity Categorization Drop-Down Menu Choices- From the Desk of Dr. Austerberry

You’ll be choosing from this list when entering activities in AMCAS. Often an activity has multiple aspects. New AMCAS Activities Section Many decisions have to be made, including which of the 15 items would be designated as Most Meaningful. Indeed, the list of 15 Work/Activities items is like a puzzle, where the goal is to [...]

Entering PMED Seminar in AMCAS

HOW TO RECORD “PMED Seminar” as a course in AMCAS - From the Desk of Dr. Austerberry  The year, semester, course number, etc. would depend on the particular PMED courses you are entering. You should use “Other” for the Course Classification, enter “SA” for the transcript grade, and 0.00 for the credit hours.  Then, check Pass/Fail in the [...]



SAVE THE DATE – “Research from all Angles” – CURAS EVENT!

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) invites all faculty, students, staff and administrators to the first ever “RESEARCH FROM ALL ANGLES“. This event will illustrate how research topics can be approached from many different angles of investigation.  Six distinguished faculty members from across the University will tell us about their research angle on [...]

Look who is at the Career Fair tomorrow…

From Noon to 3:30 pm in the Harper Auditorium   American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Boys Town Boys Town National Research Hospital Celerion Industry: Healthcare  (Clinical Research Organization – Global) Epic   Industry: Corporate, Healthcare Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer   Industry: Graduate/Professional School Lutheran Family Services [...]