Be a Tutor

The Creighton EDGE is currently accepting applications for peer tutors.

Benefits of Being a Tutor

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of your subject matter
  • Gain leadership and employment experience
  • Strengthen interpersonal and critical thinking skills
  • Get involved on campus and meet new people
  • Build relationships with faculty
  • Serve others
  • Earn money
  • Be part of a Nationally Certified Tutoring program

Job Description

Tutors provide 1:1 and/or group tutoring sessions for undergraduate students.

Tutors are trained to facilitate learning by coaching and guiding students to become successful, independent learners. The purpose of tutoring is to increase and enhance mastery of concepts, not to provide “homework help.”

Tutors integrate effective study and learning strategies to help students maximize their potential for academic progress.

As a member of the Creighton EDGE Academic Success team, Tutors are expected to maintain ongoing communication with the coordinator of the tutoring program. Tutors are also expected to refer students to other appropriate university resources as needed.

Position Requirements

Tutors must have earned an A or B+ in the course they wish to tutor, and provide a faculty reference for each subject.

Tutors must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.3.

Tutors must attend staff meetings and complete ongoing training requirements (in person and online) in accordance with College Reading and Learning Association guidelines.

We want students to feel good about their tutoring experience, so we are looking for tutors who are academically strong as well as friendly and approachable. Tutors should demonstrate an ability to establish rapport and communicate well with students, and be able to model appropriate academic attitudes and behaviors.

Attached Tutoring and Drop-In tutors (see below) need to be comfortable working with groups.

Attached Tutors, in particular, need to be thorough note takers.

Tutoring Opportunities: 5 Types

Drop-In Tutoring

(CHM, MTH, BIO) Work 1 or 2 shifts/week, Sun-Thurs from 6-9pm. Work with the same “team” each shift, serving as few as 2-3 students or up to as many as 15-20 students on any given night.

(3-6 hours/week)

1:1 Tutoring

Decide how often you can work, then post your availability on BluePoint, our online appointment scheduling portal. Students needing help log in to schedule an appointment. 1:1 sessions typically last up to 1 hour.

(Hours vary by subject, typically 2-6 hours/week)

Attached Tutoring

(CHM 105/203/205/285) or (BIO 201/202/362/449) Paired with a specific faculty member, tutors attend lectures, take notes, and hold two 1.5 hour tutoring sessions per week.

(6.75 hours/week)

Math Specialist

(MTH 205/231) Paired with a specific faculty member, tutors attend Math for the Modern World or Math for the Biological Sciences lectures and take notes, and work 1-2 drop-in shifts per week.

(6-9 hours/week)

Supplemental Instruction

(BMS 111/303, MIC 141, NUR 252/341) Paired with a specific nursing faculty member, SI leaders attend assigned course sections and take notes, create lesson plans, and hold 1-2 supplemental instruction sessions per week.

(8-9 hours/week)

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