Academic Success provides free peer tutoring in a wide variety of courses and formats, all designed to help you be successful in the classroom. Our friendly and knowledgeable peer tutors will help you master the concepts covered in your classes. Visit us. We can help!


This appointment-based tutoring service offers you the opportunity to spend 60 minutes one-on-one with a tutor to ask questions, review content, and talk best practice study strategies.

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A team of tutors is ready to assist you in MTH, CHM, or BIO from 6-9pm Sun-Thurs. Stop by to ask a question, listen to common course struggles, and study with other students taking similar courses in this collaborative group setting.

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With two sessions per week, your Attached Tutor has been attending class, taking notes, and working with your professor. Stop in to your Attached Tutoring session to study with other students in your class and get targeted assistance from your tutor.

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Supplemental Instruction offers a group tutoring format with your SI Leader providing a review of class content, study guides and activities, and Q&A opportunities. Your SI Leader has been following along in class, taking notes, and touching base with your instructor. This is a great resource to add into your regular study routine each week!

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1:1 tutoring is available in 70+ courses!

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BIO, CHM, MTH | Sun-Thrs | 6-9pm
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Study sessions targeted specifically to students in your class.

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Lessons to enrich what you’re learning in class.

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