Study Support

Study Support

Coordinated study services to help you stay accountable, build community, and meet your academic goals.


Monday-Friday | 5-7 pm Experience the doppelganger effect in virtual study hall! It’s simple and effective – just log in for quiet, focused studying with like-minded peers.

Virtual Study Hall How-To:

  1. Click the day-specific Join button below between 6pm-9pm.
  2. Click sign-in, select your course and instructor, and launch session.
  3. You’ll join the waiting room, and a Lead Tutor will let you in shortly!
  4. In the chat box, type out your goal for the session and how long you plan to stay – putting it out there helps keep you focused!
  5. Mute your mic but leave your camera on – we want to discourage “lurking.”
  6. To leave the session, click Leave Meeting in the lower right corner of the screen.
  7. Return to the page where you signed-in to sign-out!

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Know that you learn best with others, but struggle to get a productive, consistent study groups going? Academic Success can help get you connected with classmates who are also looking for reliable, determined, and equally dedicated study partners. Click the button below to request a study group – and we’ll reach out with more information!

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