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Do you find yourself studying for hours and still feel like you don’t quite “get” the material? Have you ever expected to get a good grade on an exam and been disappointed? Are the strategies you’ve always used successfully just not working anymore? Do you wonder where all your time goes?

If so, you’re in the right place! Academic Success exists to help you maximize the time you spend learning in and out of the classroom. Whether you’re just starting your journey at Creighton or you’re nearing the finish line, we have the resources you need to reach your academic and personal goals.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is an opportunity to assess your academic experiences in a friendly, easy-going environment, so you can maximize the things you do well and learn strategies to tackle the things you don’t.

An academic coach can help you manage your time, study smarter, plan for exams, minimize test anxiety, identify the ways you learn best, and connect you to resources on campus.

Even if you aren’t struggling, academic coaching is one of the best ways to personalize your education and stay on track from start to finish. Just like athletes need coaches to reach the next level, students become smarter, stronger, and more successful with coaching.

Schedule an appointment today! Walk-Ins are welcome on Wednesdays and Thursdays – no appointment needed.

Meet the Academic Coaches

Ryan McLaughlin, M.S.

Meet with Ryan about:

Time management

Study schedules

Academic strategies

Academic motivation

Test preparation

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Same day appointments available!

Sarah Shaner, M.A.

Meet with Sarah online about:

Time management

Study schedules

Academic strategies

Academic motivation

Test preparation

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Same day appointments available!

Randi Bibins-Clark, LCSW

Meet with Randi about:

Academic and test anxiety

Focus and concentration strategies

ADHD and other learning disabilities

School/life balance

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Joe Ecklund, Ph.D.

Meet with Joe about:

Time management

Study schedules

Academic motivation

Academic strategies

Test preparation

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Academic Success provides free peer tutoring in a wide variety of courses and formats, all designed to help you be successful in the classroom. Our friendly and knowledgeable peer tutors will help you master the concepts covered in your classes. Visit us. We can help!

Study sessions targeted specifically to students in your class.

CHM 205/285

BIO 202 BIO 317

BIO 362 BIO 449

Lessons to enrich what you’re learning in class.

BMS 303 NUR 252

NUR 341


1:1 tutoring is available in 70+ courses!


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BIO, CHM, MTH | Sun-Thrs | 6-9pm
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If you have questions about tutoring, email us!

Need help with a speech? Visit the Communication Center!  Learn More

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Hippocampus Success Seminar

A free 4-week program designed to orient new Bluejays to the academic rigor and expectations of the Creighton classroom… this is a brand new ball game! Hippocampus is offered each fall. For more information, email us at

EDGE Advantage Seminar  Learn More

A weekly seminar for students with ADHD. Learn tips and tricks for managing the transition from high school to college!

BIO Boot Camp

BIO Boot Camp is a two-part series created to help first-year students thrive in the challenging coursework of BIO 201. A collaborative effort between biology faculty and Academic Success, BIO Boot Camp will help you understand what it takes to excel in your BIO courses at Creighton.


Academic Success Workshops  Learn More

Noticing trends with students this semester? Procrastination? Ineffective study strategies? Lack of time management skills? Sounds like a job for the Creighton EDGE Academic Success Team! We offer several workshops designed to address the most common academic success challenges students face. Workshops are available upon request by students, faculty, or staff.

Want to be a Tutor?  Learn More

Now accepting tutor applications for the 2016-2017 academic year.

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