Academic Success

Coming Fall 2016…

Hippocampus Success Seminar

A free 4-week program designed to orient new Bluejays to the academic rigor and expectations of the Creighton classroom… this is a brand new ball game!

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EDGE Advantage

A weekly seminar for students with ADHD. Learn tips and tricks for managing the transition from high school to college!

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Academic Success Professionals

Joe Ecklund, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Success

Randi Bibins-Clark, LCSW

Assistant Director of Academic Success

Sarah Shaner, M.A.

Academic Success Coach

Where are we?

Academic Success is located in the EDGE office in the Reinert Alumni Library Building, lower level.

Main Phone: 402-280-5566

Academic Success Workshops
Noticing trends with students this semester? Procrastination? Ineffective study strategies? Lack of time management skills?
Sounds like a job for the Creighton EDGE Academic Success Team! We offer several workshops designed to address the most common academic success challenges students face. Workshops are available upon request by students, faculty, or staff.

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Academic Success Services

Academic Coaching

Just like athletes need coaches to reach the next level, students become smarter, stronger, and more successful with coaching.

An Academic Success coach will help you develop a personalized plan to ensure your success at Creighton.

Reach out if you are looking for help with any area of your academic pursuit including time management, study habits, motivation, and test anxiety. You may meet with a coach for a single check-in appointment or arrange for a regular meeting time – it’s all up to you – but we will cater a program to meet your needs.

Meet with an Academic Coach

Academic coaching through the EDGE provides students with the resources they need to succeed in the classroom and out.

Schedule an Appointment

Use your NetID and Blue Password to log-in.

  1. Click Schedule a New Appointment
  2. New Appointment: Search Academic Coaching in Subject Area
  3. Returning Appointment: Search for your Academic Coach in the Tutor/Advisor/Academic Coach field.

Tutoring Options

To help you meet the challenges you may face in your classes, Academic Success offers two types of tutoring programs: individual appointments and group sessions. Remember that there is no charge for any of this tutoring, and the program is nationally accredited through the College Reading and Learning Association.

EDGE 1:1 Tutoring

Sign up for a 1:1 peer tutoring appointment with one of our qualified tutors.

Schedule a Session

Use your NetID and Blue Password to log-in.

All students are allowed one free tutoring session per subject per week for up to three free visits weekly.

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EDGE Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring for Chemistry and Math, Sunday through Thursday, 6pm – 9pm.

Drop-in tutoring for Biology, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 6pm – 9pm. now in the EDGE.

No appointment is necessary, but please come prepared with your questions.

Note: There is no tutoring in the EDGE Office during university breaks.

Attached Tutoring – Spring 2016 Schedule

Faculty Member Tutor Session 1 Time and Location Session 2 Time and Location

CHM 205

Dr. Freitag Brendan Cokingtin Sun 6-7:30pm | Eppley 109 Wed 6-7:30pm | Eppley 109
Dr. Mattson Monika Satkausas Sunday 7-8:30pm | Eppley 113 Thursday 7-8:30pm | Eppley 113
Dr. Stone Grant MacKinnon Sun 12-1:30pm | Eppley 111 Wed 8-9:30pm | Eppley 111
Dr. Villa Morgan Harris Sun 6-7:30pm | Eppley 107 Tue 6-7:30pm | Eppley 107
Dr. Anderson Dylan Hoyt Sun 7-8:30pm | Eppley 210 Tues 7-8:30pm | Eppley 210
Dr. Haas Emma Schaffer Sun 2:30-4pm | Eppley 309 Tue 6:30-8pm | Eppley 310

BIO 202

Shibata/ Franke Manny Tappata and Stefano Byer Wed 6-9pm | Union Pacific Room Thur 6-9pm | The EDGE

BIO 317

Dr. Brockhouse Ali Wallgren Mon 6-7:30pm | Union Pacific Room Wed 7-8:30pm | The EDGE

Want to be a Tutor? Now accepting tutor applications for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Learn More

Supplemental Instruction – Spring 2016 Schedule

Faculty Member Tutor Session 1 Location and Time Session 2 Location and Time


Dr. Pisarri Claire Heiland Mon 6-7:30pm | Eppley 312 Wed 6-7:30pm | Eppley 312


Dr. McCafferty Michaela Moen Sun 3-5pm | Eppley 310 N/A

Accounting 201

Dr. Eibes Sarah Freepons Tue 5:15-6:30pm | HCOB 3052 Fri 11am-12:15pm | HCOB 3053

TA Review Hours – Spring 2016 Schedule

TA Days Time Location

BIO 202

Clarke Tues 5:30-7pm Eppley 211
Emily Mon 6-7:30pm Eppley 211

BIO 362

UNK Wed/Thurs 5:30-6:30pm contact Dr. Siebler

MTH 231

Grace Tues/Thurs 2-4pm Eppley 111
Gavin Mon/Fri M:3:15-5pm | F:12-2pm M:Eppley 309 | F: Eppley 312

MTH 245

Scott Tues/Thurs 12:30-1:45pm Eppley 310

PHY 201/205

UNK Tues/Fri 12-1pm Rigge G16
UNK Thurs 4-5pm Rigge G16

PHY 202/206

UNK Mon/Wed 4:45-5:45pm, 7-7:30pm, 8:45-9:15pm Rigge G59
UNK Thurs 11-11:45am Rigge G18
UNK Fri 10am-12pm Rigge G18

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If you have questions about tutoring, email us.

Academic Success Learning Outcomes

Academic Strategy Courses

  1. Students will experience an increase in academic hope and motivation
    • EDGE 130 students will be able to identify their motivation for pursuing a college degree at Creighton.
    • EDGE 130 students will participate in 6 group counseling sessions.

  2. Students will identify academic strategies best suited to their individual needs
    • Students will be exposed to and have opportunities to practice a variety of academic strategies.

  3. Students will develop the skills necessary for effective communication with faculty
    • Students will understand the value of developing relationships with faculty

Tutoring Program

  1. Tutors will develop the skills and competencies necessary to be an effective tutor
    • Tutors will participate in training.
    • Tutors will demonstrate expertise in their content area.