1. It’s the Final(s) Countdown! *cue music*

This is your first experience with college finals, and it’s go time! As you put together your study plan, ask yourself How will I be tested?, and then get to work studying in the way you will be tested.
Gather your materials: syllabi, lecture notes, old tests and quizzes, homework assignments, textbook, supplemental readings, etc.
Identify what’s important. If your professor hasn’t provided one for you, build a study guide by identifying the important terms, concepts, and topics from the materials you’ve gathered.
Use active learning strategies. Create test-like questions that require you to go to your notes with purpose and actively engage with the material. Quiz yourself. Teach the material to a friend (even if they’re not in your class, they’ll ask great questions!). Read confusing passages aloud. Take practice exams – a lot!
Use “Spaced Repetition.” Research shows that you retain more when you spread learning over several days or weeks, compared to cramming the same information into one study session: repeating something twenty times over the course of one day is less effective than repeating something ten times over the course of a week. So spreeeeeeeeeeead it out!
Put it on a schedule. Break down what you need to study into manageable “chunks” and spread them out over several days. Using our 5 Day Study Plan and Weekly/Hourly Planner makes it easy! Stop by the Academic Success table in Skutt on Monday, 12/4 from 9:30am-11am & 1pm-2pm and Tuesday, 12/5 from 9:30am-11am for these and other test-prep materials.

2. Study Space

We’ve all been there: you get all settled on the futon to study, you open your book, ready your pen, and the next thing you know… it’s 2 hours later and you’re just waking up from a long winter’s nap. Or you find a spot in Skutt, open up your computer to catch up on those notes, and find yourself sucked into a 3 hour YouTube video spiral that got you… nowhere. Surprisingly, one of the biggest factors in determining a successful study session is environment. Luckily our favorite online college guru has some ideas in this video: 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Study Space by Thomas Frank.

3. Recharge, Reflect, and Refocus

Winter break is a chance to recharge your batteries, but also a good time to look ahead. As with any new experience, we go through a “learning curve,” which means that (hopefully!) you’re walking away from your first semester of college with lessons learned, skills gained, and insight on yourself as a student now. Take some time to reflect on the past semester: What did I do well? Where do I need to improve? What new habits do I want to put into place? Like an athlete during off-season, use your down time to find renewed motivation and drive, brainstorm new strategies, and refocus on your academic goals.


If you haven’t completed the Academic Success Survey that was delivered to your Creighton email, it’s not too late! Complete the survey by Tuesday 12/5 for a chance to win $25 in Jaybucks! 4 winners will be announced on Wednesday, 12/6.
There is no tutoring during finals week – tutors need to study, too!

mic.pngUntil next year… Stay determined!

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