3 More Tips – December 2017

1. It’s the Final(s) Countdown! *cue music*
This is your first experience with college finals, and it’s go time! As you put together your study plan, ask yourself How will I be tested?, and then get to work studying in the way you will be tested.
  • Gather your materials: syllabi, lecture notes, old tests and quizzes, homework assignments, textbook, supplemental readings, etc. 
  • Identify what’s important. If your professor hasn’t provided one for you, build a study guide by identifying the important terms, concepts, and topics from the materials you’ve gathered. 
  • Use active learning strategies.  Create test-like questions that require you to go to your notes with purpose and actively engage with the material. Quiz yourself. Teach the material to a friend (even if they’re not in your class, they’ll ask great questions!). Read confusing passages aloud. Take practice exams – a lot! 
  • Use “Spaced Repetition.” Research shows that you retain more when you spread learning over several days or weeks, compared to cramming the same information into one study session: repeating something twenty times over the course of one day is less effective than repeating something ten times over the course of a week. So spreeeeeeeeeeead it out!
  • Put it on a schedule. Break down what you need to study into manageable “chunks” and spread them out over several days. Using our 5 Day Study Plan and Weekly/Hourly Planner makes it easy! Stop by the Academic Success table in Skutt on Monday, 12/4 from 9:30am-11am & 1pm-2pm and Tuesday, 12/5 from 9:30am-11am for these and other test-prep materials.
2. Study Space
We’ve all been there: you get all settled on the futon to study, you open your book, ready your pen, and the next thing you know… it’s 2 hours later and you’re just waking up from a long winter’s nap. Or you find a spot in Skutt, open up your computer to catch up on those notes, and find yourself sucked into a 3 hour YouTube video spiral that got you… nowhere. Surprisingly, one of the biggest factors in determining a successful study session is environment. Luckily our favorite online college guru has some ideas in this video: 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Study Space by Thomas Frank.
3. Recharge, Reflect, and Refocus
Winter break is a chance to recharge your batteries, but also a good time to look ahead. As with any new experience, we go through a “learning curve,” which means that (hopefully!) you’re walking away from your first semester of college with lessons learned, skills gained, and insight on yourself as a student now. Take some time to reflect on the past semester: What did I do well? Where do I need to improve? What new habits do I want to put into place? Like an athlete during off-season, use your down time to find renewed motivation and drive, brainstorm new strategies, and refocus on your academic goals. 
  • If you haven’t completed the Academic Success Survey that was delivered to your Creighton email, it’s not too late! Complete the survey by Tuesday 12/5 for a chance to win $25 in Jaybucks! 4 winners will be announced on Wednesday, 12/6. 
  • There is no tutoring during finals week - tutors need to study, too!