Entering PMED Seminar in AMCAS

HOW TO RECORD “PMED Seminar” as a course in AMCAS - From the Desk of Dr. Austerberry

 The year, semester, course number, etc. would depend on the particular PMED courses you are entering. You should use “Other” for the Course Classification, enter “SA” for the transcript grade, and 0.00 for the credit hours.  Then, check Pass/Fail in the section on Special Course Types.  You might wonder if some additional Special Course Type such as Audit or Exempt would apply, but those are best used for other types of non-credit courses. Audit is for courses that are normally (unless audited) taken for credit. PMED seminars cannot be taken for credit. Exempt is for cases where a course was completed in some irregular way (or attainment of an equivalent competency was demonstrated); such courses might normally lead to credit had they been completed in the regular way. Again, this does not fit PMED.  I don’t recommend using Audit or Exempt because if either one of those boxes is checked, one then cannot check the Pass/Fail box. What AMCAS calls Pass/Fail accurately conveys the grading system of PMED seminars.  Also, the SA grade means that one completed the regular course assignments and requirements, and I think that is best indicated by entering PMED as described above.                                                                                                  

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