Decided on a brand for federated search tool!

Posted by Chris Carmichael on June 8, 2009 in Federated Search |

Yea!  The team reached a consensus!  After canvassing the staffs of the three libraries for a 2 week period, we took all of the suggestions that were submitted and evaluated them this afternoon.

I outlined our criteria in a previous post.  Sometimes, trying to be too creative ends up backfiring and you come up with stuff that sounds way too commercial for the setting you are in.  Some of our submissions were in this category (and I was probably the biggest offender!)  The ones that worked the best were the simplest and finally, the one we chose seemed to be the simplest of all:

CROSS SEARCH.  Now, you’ll have to picture it the way we hope our logo will come out: All capital letters but with the “ROSS” and “EARCH” superscripted.  We’ll go to professionals in our Creative Services department for help with a design.

Official launch date: August 1, 2009.


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