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Posted by Chris Carmichael on September 3, 2008 in Federated Search |

If you’ve been following along, you have seen that there are units on campus, not just the libraries, that apparently have a need to search across “multiple silos of information relevant to their jobs.”

In the library world, federated search is not new. However, in the past 10 years technology has allowed some advances in connectivity into STRUCTURED databases (primarily commercial, subscription-based) that makes searching for and FINDING relevant information much easier.

OK Carmichael, how do we know what you are saying is true? Give us more than just your “take.” That’s fair. Let me put some links in here – to vendors, to articles by university librarians, by businesses – so you can see what we are talking about and how we can justify not just the need, but the advantages, and maybe even the cost.

This is Federated Search Blog . Another disclosure: it’s written by an employee of DeepWeb Technologies, a federated search vendor. Here’s an article in Library Journal via Academic Search Premier that explores what to look for in a federated/enterprise search tool. This article from CRM Magazine via Business Source Premier talks about systems unable to “get at” the information residing inside them and then turn to an enterprise search tool to solve the problem.

I could put more links up here, and I probably will.  I caution ANYONE against using a generic search engine to find more information on “federated search.”   This post explains why.


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