Old Gym Drive Access Limited Due to New Jesuit Residence Project

Starting Monday, March 21, work will begin on the new Jesuit Residence between Old Gym Drive and 24th Street.

To accommodate construction traffic and for the safety of Creighton students, faculty and staff, construction fencing and barricades have been installed to limit pedestrian and vehicular access and parking along Old Gym Drive from 24th Street to Lot 56 between St. John’s Church and the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library.

During the project, construction trucks and heavy equipment will be entering and leaving 24th Street along Old Gym Drive. For your safety, we ask that you please observe the following restrictions:

  • Parking and deliveries in Lot 56, between St. John’s Church and the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, will not be permitted between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Pedestrian traffic shall be limited to the sidewalks (green on map) along the west side of Old Gym Drive and prohibited west of the EMS entrance on the north side of the Old Gym Drive.
  • Pedestrian access is allowed from 24th Street to the EMS entrance of the Old Gymnasium.
  • No parallel parking will be allowed along the north side of Old Gym Drive.
  • Handicap parking (Lot 57) will be available to those needing access to the Old Gymnasium and Markoe Hall by card access only.

These closures and restrictions will be in place until the completion of the Jesuit Residence project in August 2023.

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