Childcare on the Creighton Campus: A History of Women, Men, and Children for Others, March 22

Learn how the Committee on the Status of Women and Fr. Morrison pioneered childcare on the Creighton campus in 1981. Hear how women and others made history on the Creighton campus 40 years ago.

The program, Childcare on the Creighton Campus: A History of Women, Men, and Children for Others, named for the recently published booklet, will be noon to 1 p.m. CST on Tuesday, March 22, at the Harper Center Room 2057. There will be food and drink.

Go back in time and hear from key players in the story of why and how Creighton University pioneered quality childcare on campus. Learn how students, faculty, staff, and Jesuits helped support the Center’s growth and campus presence.
Linda Lazure, PhD, an original committee member (1981-82), will share a brief PowerPoint for historical context and lead a panel discussion with members of Childcare History Task Force:
  • John Krecek, original committee member (1981 – 82)
  • Connie (Shonka) Finney, third Center Director (1990 – 2010)
  • Delois Neal-Lee, longtime Center staff (1983 – 2009)

Time will be available for questions.

The event is free. A limited number of booklets will be available for distribution. A donation of at least $20 is recommended. Cash or check only – payable to the Creighton Childcare History Task Force.  All proceeds will be donated to campus center parents experiencing financial challenges.

Read more about the James R. Russell Child Development Center and the Child Care Center History Task Force online.

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