Subscribe and Listen to Fr. Hendrickson’s New Magis Minute Podcast

We’re introducing a new opportunity for the campus community to hear directly from Creighton’s president, the Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ, PhD, in a format that’s familiar, comfortable and downloadable on your terms. It’s time for Magis Minute.

First thing’s first – how to listen.  

Magis Minute is only for members of the Creighton University community, but you can listen to the podcast on major podcast services such as Apple and Google.

Follow the detailed instructions below to begin listening.

How to subscribe to Magis Minute

  1. Click the link to be taken to to sign up for the podcast.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Check your email to find a welcome email titled “Private Podcast: Magis Minute.” It may take several minutes to appear in your inbox. If you have selected a Focused inbox in Microsoft Outlook, be sure to check the “Other” tab in case you don’t see it in “Focused.”
  4. From your email, you can click a link to play the latest episode in your web browser. Using your phone, you can also select ”listen in your favorite podcast listening app.”
  5. After selecting “listen in your favorite podcast listening app,” you’ll be asked to select your preferred app.
  6. You will be redirected to your chosen podcast app, where an RSS feed will be added to your player.
  7. Listen and enjoy!

What you can expect in the first episode.  

In this first episode, Fr. Hendrickson sits down with co-host Kevin Coffey for about 15 minutes to talk about why communication matters more than ever at Creighton, hence this new channel, and so much more, including what a typical day in the life of a University president looks like. He also his excitement about this semester’s lineup of Presidential Lecture Series speakers, while sharing some encouragement to stay active in the Go Move Challenge.

Ask a question. 

In addition to discussion about the great things happening at Creighton, Magis Minute is also an opportunity to address questions on your mind. During each episode of Magis Minute, we will dedicate time to questions submitted by the campus community via our mailbag segment. Submit your question.

If you have trouble connecting, please reach out to for help.

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