HR Corner: Reminder for Staff To Set Your Performance Management Goals for 2021-2022

Creighton embraces a performance-based culture, reflective of our Jesuit values, which calls for the ongoing formation of all individuals. As we move the University forward, all employees deserve the time for self-reflection and honest, constructive feedback related to their job performance. Open dialogue between supervisors and employees and detailed performance documentation are essential to the process.

The online performance management system allows employees and managers year-round access to view and update goals and track performance. Employees are able to align their goals to University initiatives, self-reflect on their performance and gain manager input to develop clear performance expectations.

Creighton’s staff performance year starts on July 1 every year and runs through June 30.

We start the year with Goal-Planning which occurs June to September. This allows us to discern what work should be prioritized to carry out our mission. We should revisit our goals regularly (at least four times a year if not more) to determine whether we have accomplished goals and can take on new ones or need to edit our goals because priorities have shifted.

Performance Review season is right around the corner. Goal-planning and documentation is the key to making this a less cumbersome process. If you are setting goals and reviewing them regularly, you will create more time to reflect and celebrate. Take time right now to formulate three to five goals for the performance year. Enter them into MyHR and submit them to your manager.

Click here to access more information on how to use MyHR to document your goals and your work toward those goals throughout the year. We recommend a quarterly touch point to jointly discuss and review goals regularly with your manager.

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