5 Things to Know About Jamelle Bouie – #2

By Chino Betita, Creighton Law School Class of 2014

Last Thursday the Creighton 2040 Initiative presented “Talking About Race: A Conversation with Jamelle Bouie.”  More about the event in the next few posts. 

Today we continue our  “5 Things To Know About Jamelle Bouie” series.  Previously we shared some of his non-political / policy interests in #5 – Pop Culture, his upbringing in our #4 entry, and his favorite writers in our #3 entry.  Today - on a more light-hearted note -

#2. Jamelle Bouie – His Style
Street fashion photography have inspired countless blogs. While Mr. Bouie has no plans to start a Jamelle GQ anytime soon, one of his interests does include developing his own style and sharing it on his social media channels.

Check out some of his GQ / Esquire-worth style shots on his Instagram page here.

Look for:

- Spring Blazer

- Denim Cycling Jacket

- Who Says A Black Suit Has To Be Somber?

- Prep School Style Tie

Layering With a Cardigan!



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