2040 News: Ferguson, Missouri

Jamelle Bouie from Slate Magazine has traveled to Ferguson, Missouri, and reported on the police shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown.

Bouie’s coverage, which encompasses the community outcry against that shooting and the police reaction to that outcry, describes not just the immediate events of this August but the much longer arc of how Ferguson came to this point.

Specifically, Bouie describes the historically frayed relationship in Ferguson between police and community, and he places Ferguson’s demographics and political structure in the context of St. Louis’s century-old history of racially segregated housing.

With respect to both policing and housing, Bouie’s insight is the same: The 20th-century business-as-usual attitude toward black people, especially young black men, has been “containment” rather than either protection or neighborliness.

Jamelle Bouie will come to Creighton as a featured visitor of The 2040 Initiative on October 9, 2014.


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