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The Story of Stuff – When Humans & the Environment are Included in the Picture!

By Carissa Smith If you are interested in learning about where all of our wonderful “stuff” comes from watch this video about the story of stuff. You may be surprised about the story of the people and the environment that are inextricably connected to the story of our economic system. This 20 minute synopsis of [...]


IFTJ gritty reality

Invitation Accepted – IFTJ 2011

Two Creighton Students, Christine Bolas and Claire Bowens, share their experiences of receiving invitations at the Ignatian Family Teach-In For Justice 2011. They both share how they received, and acted upon, invitations to take their service experiences to a deeper level.

Rock, Paper, Scissors- Not Just Good For Making Decisions

By Katie Nedley (Montgomery Trip Co-Coordinator) In general meetings up to this point, Fall Break Service Trip participants have played games, told stories, and shared fun facts about themselves to bond with their small groups. General meeting number three, though, that was a different story! To facilitate large group bonding, the Core Team had everyone [...]



How to Feed the World?

By: Anna Green I came across this video in an email yesterday and think it is a simple, yet great way to display the unequal distribution of food in the world. The population of the world is increasing at an alarming pace- one in which, if we do not change our current lifestyles, will not [...]


Community Bike Project Omaha Charles Mitchell ~ (402) 957-2453 ~ info@communitybikeproject.org charles@communitybikeproject.org 525 N. 33rd St, Omaha, NE 68131 ~ www.communitybikeproject.org The Community Bike Project Omaha provides a safe, positive environment for the repair and distribution of bicycles. Volunteers are needed to assist youth with bicycle repairs and to serve as role models. No bicycle [...]

Developmental / Learning Disabilities

The Arc of Omaha at the Ollie Webb Center Lisa Dougherty ~ (402) 346-5220 ~ ldougherty@olliewebbinc.org Elizabeth Walls, Best Buddies Chapter Director ~ elizabethwalls@creighton.edu 1941 South 42nd St, Suite 122, Omaha, NE  68105 ~ www.olliewebbinc.org The Arc of Omaha’s mission is to improve & enrich the lives of people with developmental disabilities & to provide information, education, [...]