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Dorothy Stang: Sustainable Justice

In honor of Dorothy Stang’s life and martyrdom (remembered on on February 12), Student Coordinator Rachael Schwartz reflects on Dorothy’s commitment to sustainable justice. Dorothy Stang is a woman all justice workers and people should strive to be like.  She decided to devote her life to God as a sister of Notre Dame de Namur. [...]

Dorothy Stang, S.N.D: A Modern Martyr

Dorothy Stang was a Sister of Notre Dame. She was born in the United States, but worked and served poor communities in Brazil from the late 1960’s to February 12th, 2005, when she was murdered. She worked to organize Brazilian peasant farmers through the Pastoral Land Commission, a group that “fights for the rights of [...]

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Sustainability: Nebraskans support strong carbon safeguards!

Sierra Club Tell EPA and NDEQ: Nebraskans support strong carbon safeguards! Nebraska has been making big strides on clean energy and on cracking down on fossil fuel pollution. Now you have a chance to lock in that progress and move our state and federal agencies forward on climate starting with the Nebraska Department of Environmental [...]

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Fr. Lannon Signs the St. Francis Pledge

As part of Creighton’s St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day Celebration, Fr. Lannon signed the St. Francis Pledge to Care for Creation and the Poor and encouraged attendees to do the same. Below is Lannon’s homily from the Mass and the link the St. Francis Pledge: Homily for the Feast of St. Francis October 4, [...]

Sustainability: Protect our communities from radioactive waste

Sierra Club For decades, nuclear power reactors all over the country have been able to operate without consideration to what would happen to the highly radioactive waste they produced. This put communities and the environment at risk across the nation. Now, federal courts are requiring the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to study the environmental and [...]

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Sierra Club

Sustainability: EPA Standards

Sierra Club We’ve known for decades that carbon wrecks our health and our climate, and that power plants are the nation’s top source. Power plants fuel climate disruption by making wildfires burn hotter and droughts last longer. The EPA is getting ready to finalize the first-ever protections against carbon pollution from new power plants, and [...]