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Spring Break in Service: SCSJ Service & Justice Trips Enliven Creighton Experience

This Spring Break, Creighton University will again send out a large contingent of students as part of the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice’s Spring Service & Justice Trips. The week of March 11, more than 130 students will fan out across the nation, the state and the city for immersion and service-learning experiences at [...]



SCSJ readies to send more than 240 students out on Fall Service & Justice Trips

The Creighton University Schlegel Center for Service and Justice Fall Service & Justice Trips will again send students around the nation next week to serve, learn, and go alongside people and projects at 30 different sites. Oct. 12 through 19, around 245 Creighton students will spend their week’s recess from academic pursuits working with people [...]

Life in Post Graduation Missioning: Speech by Erica Reist

Of course, I first want to congratulate you all, for a lot of things – congratulations for four incredible years at an outstanding University, for giving of your heart and your mind to this place and for leaving your mark on Creighton, for making a commitment to wherever you will be serving and living next [...]



6 Creighton students spent spring break at a homeless shelter. It was an eye-opening experience

Yoshua Piescer said he was a little scared the other night when a homeless man waved him over in front of the Siena-Francis House homeless shelter. The Creighton University student was in his second day of living at the homeless shelter as part of a spring break service trip. He already had his shoes stolen. [...]

3-3 Program Student Angie Ngo Blends Social Justice and Business

When sophomore Angie Ngo was researching universities as a high school senior, she was looking to continue her Catholic education. New to her, however, was the Jesuit tradition. “I sought out Jesuit universities because I was intrigued by their mission and work with social justice,” the Boise, Idaho native says. “I knew that I wanted to [...]



Wisdom For the Journey

      Former SCSJ Graduate Assistant, Kevin Kuehl, shared some wisdom for all those participating in Post-Graduate Volunteering or entering religious life upon graduation last spring. Here are the words he sent them off with during the Post-Graduate Volunteering and Religious Life Missioning Service: Good morning! I’m so excited to share in this moment with [...]

Warm Hearts and Hard Starts: A Reflection for World Refugee Day

It was a nice break from the usual slogging through ESL and cultural orientation material. Today, instead of practicing introductions, writing letters and numbers or learning about job expectations, we gathered with the students we were tutoring and worked on an art project together.  With a few paper cut-outs, red, yellow and orange tissue paper, [...]


Melanie and her Fall Break group at the Homecoming Game

Stroud Proud

The town of Stroud is generally frowned upon by Oklahomans. Before our service trip, I talked to a few friends from Oklahoma. “Oh, you’re going to Stroud?” they would say. “I’m sorry.” I didn’t understand why people seemed to dislike my service site so much, but I figured that maybe it had something to do [...]

Cookies as a Common Language

Of all of the inspiring people I encountered in El Paso, the most touching relationship I made was with six-year-old Thiago. He got caught crossing the border into the United States and therefore was assigned to live with a foster family that works with the child detention center. We spent about an hour with the [...]

The El Paso Group


A Moment of Solidarity

Pilsen is a vibrant Latino community on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Spanish is the first language of the majority of the inhabitants of Pilsen, but because they are living in the United States and looking for employment, learning English becomes more and more of a necessity. Seven other Creighton students and I spent [...]

Justice through Solidarity Week

The Peace and Justice Cooperative would like to invite you to participate in events, sponsored by various groups and organizations, inspired by various social justice issues. Monday, November 12 NETwork Against Malaria will be having a sale of their handmade jewelry in order to benefit those in Africa who need bed nets. The sale will [...]

The Duchsene House Group in New Orleans

The Art of Letting Go To Serve In Solidarity

Our first hours in New Orleans were celebrated at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, where our service group was welcomed and introduced as the hope of the city. The delightful, lively, and wise Father Anthony expressed his homily through an analogy. There once was a monkey at the zoo, which noticed a walnut outside of [...]

Speaking the Language of the Heart

When I sit down with my friends to talk about my fall break service and justice trip to Calhoun City, Mississippi I ask them if they have a good amount of time to hear my stories because all of them are so precious to me and I don’t want to miss a single detail. Sometimes [...]

The Calhoun City group with the kids at EXCEL

Laura Shircliff (Sr.), St. Martin's Client, Shelby Snedeker (Sr.)

Finding Home in a Homeless Shelter

Fall break of my sophomore year I went on my first service trip. In the house where we stayed hung a small tapestry that read the following quote by B. Cooke: “We need to find people who mean something to us, people to whom we turn knowing that being with them is coming home.” At [...]

Service & Justice Trip Updates

Omaha Sustainability: What are you taking away from this trip? Sustainability is all about relationships. Relationships with each other to stay motivated to live more sustainably. Our relationship with the earth so as to not see anything as an object, but to instead see all life as subjects. It’s about a deep appreciation of the [...]



Spending A Week Steeped in Solidarity

Today, we sent off the Siena/Francis House group. They will be staying for five days at the shelter, living and learning and being with the homeless. This trip focuses on solidarity, one of our seven pillars of the trips. John Paul II, in Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, describes solidarity as “not a feeling of vague compassion [...]

A ‘Radical’ State of Mind

“We haven’t scared any of you off yet, right?” Well gosh, I thought, are we supposed to be scared? This was soon followed up with an explanation of what Kelly meant by scary: Radical. Now, the word radical, for me, can have many different meanings. I remember when my little brother was going through a [...]

Sage and fellow Spring Break Service Trippers 2012

Always Keep Rocking

Inspired by slam poet Anis Mojgani’s direct order to rock out and presented at the CCSJ’s end of the year celebration. The people of Creighton’s Center for Service and Justice have committed themselves to a year of rocking out… Rock out like your teacher tells you to write your name on the final exam and [...]

Tunnel of Oppression

Tunnel of Oppression Location: Deglman Hall Basement Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Thursday, April 12, 2012, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Friday, April 13, 2012, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm “Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive event that highlights contemporary issues of oppression. It is designed to introduce participants to the [...]

Marching To Celebrate While Raising Awareness

The Selma to Montgomery march was a fifty-four mile march to the capital (in Montgomery) during the civil rights era. On my service trip I was able to participate in a re-enactment of this march. The atmosphere was amazing; people who were full of passion and a love for justice surrounded me. It was a [...]

The Point of No Routine

By Steph Haas, ’12 The pre-service trip routine I have come to know so well over the last three years is coming to a close. I had coordinator formation, I bonded with my service trip group, we had three general meetings and a send-off service, and the logistics are all organized. From the moment we [...]

This is Where it Gets Real: The Challenge of Fair Labor

By Jocelyn Wu, ‘12 “This is where it gets real.” Jim Keady’s words challenge both Nike, the corporation, and Creighton, the Jesuit university. Keady’s interest in justice for workers began as a graduate theology project at St. John’s University where he coached soccer.  After researching Nike’s labor conditions, he decided to find out things for [...]