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Sharing Humanity

Below is a dialogue-reflection Bridget Battafarano shared from her Service & Justice Trip to Albuquerque, NM. Scene: Albuquerque, NM; St. Martin’s Hospitality Center (Day shelter for people experiencing homelessness) As the shelter was about to close one day, a man was walking out with his backpack. The strap suddenly ripped and he looked up and [...]

Bridget Su Casa

Aaron Ponce

Confessions of a Meataholic

One of my biggest passions is meat. I’ve found the sport of eating a tender slab of steak, or dining on a succulent chicken to be most riveting. Not once have my forefathers contemplated the significant impacts of the possibility of human existence without ample protein. It was sir William Shakespeare who made the profound [...]

Bridget Su Casa

Being Simple isn’t Simple

Simplicity was emphasized on my trip because of the simplistic practices we engaged in while we were at the Su Casa Catholic Worker House. The food supply for the house is provided solely by donations from community organizations that have food that they cannot sell. So during the week – along with living on less [...]