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Speaking the Language of the Heart

When I sit down with my friends to talk about my fall break service and justice trip to Calhoun City, Mississippi I ask them if they have a good amount of time to hear my stories because all of them are so precious to me and I don’t want to miss a single detail. Sometimes [...]

The Calhoun City group with the kids at EXCEL

Laura Shircliff (Sr.), St. Martin's Client, Shelby Snedeker (Sr.)

Finding Home in a Homeless Shelter

Fall break of my sophomore year I went on my first service trip. In the house where we stayed hung a small tapestry that read the following quote by B. Cooke: “We need to find people who mean something to us, people to whom we turn knowing that being with them is coming home.” At [...]

Immersing Ourselves In Culture

As a current sophomore, I attended my very first Service and Justice Trip with the CCSJ last spring. Although I signed up on an impulse, going on the trip turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. My service group spent the week in the small town of Okolona, Mississippi and became [...]

Service in Okolona

Why I Go: A Personal Vocational Discernment

A personal reflection on why participate in Post-Graduate volunteering. By Mellissa Hollabaugh  I am going because I am young and able, and I have no career to endanger. If not now, when? After I get another degree? After I make some money? I am going because I have learned to believe that everything starts at [...]

Always Keep Rocking

Inspired by slam poet Anis Mojgani’s direct order to rock out and presented at the CCSJ’s end of the year celebration. The people of Creighton’s Center for Service and Justice have committed themselves to a year of rocking out… Rock out like your teacher tells you to write your name on the final exam and [...]

Reflecting on Citizenship

Volunteering at the Juan Diego Center this semester has changed my views on the immigration process. It gave me the unique opportunity to see this process from the perspective of an immigrant going through the arduous journey of gaining citizenship. It’s inspiring to see the people work so hard to overcome their language barriers, which [...]

Tunnel of Oppression

Tunnel of Oppression Location: Deglman Hall Basement Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Thursday, April 12, 2012, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm Friday, April 13, 2012, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm “Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive event that highlights contemporary issues of oppression. It is designed to introduce participants to the [...]

Catholicism & Capitalism Discussion

What does Catholicism really say about capitalism? Monday, March 19 from 12:30-1:30 pm Creighton Center for Service and Justice (Harper 2067) All are welcome to a discussion on Catholicism and capitalism. A brief article by Fred Kammer, S.J., JD, Director of the Jesuit Social Research Institute at Loyola University New Orleans, will serve as the [...]

The Point of No Routine

By Steph Haas, ’12 The pre-service trip routine I have come to know so well over the last three years is coming to a close. I had coordinator formation, I bonded with my service trip group, we had three general meetings and a send-off service, and the logistics are all organized. From the moment we [...]

Serving 4 Miles from 8 Mile

By Anna Ferguson ’15 From the moment my service group met at the first general Spring Break Service Trip meeting, we joked about visiting 8 Mile. 8 Mile is a stretch of Michigan highway made famous by Detroit native Eminem, a rapper whose CD, named “8 Mile” for the area he grew up by, sold [...]

Pictures from: The Life of a Community Organizer

Charles Bergman, an Omaha native and now a Chicago-based community organizer, spoke about his experiences as a community organizer with insights from Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching. Charles attended Creighton Preparatory High School, graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and is now a Master’s candidate at Catholic Theological Union.

Through My Eyes as a Citizen

Brian Kuehner, freshman student in the College of Business, reflects on weekly service at Catholic Charities’ Juan Diego Center: Over the course of the past semester, my volunteer service at the Juan Diego Center has profoundly impacted my views on immigration. Every Tuesday I would go with the CCSJ and help immigrants study for their [...]

Our Voices: Reflections on a Fall Break Service Trip

By Jocelyn Wu, Senior Coordinator to Winnebago, NE The majority of photos from my Fall Break Service Trip to the Winnebago Indian Reservation are of picturesque sunsets and sunrises, with brilliant orange orbs sinking and rising into crystal blue skies. I write these words as a student thankful to have had the opportunity to experience [...]

Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors)

The following poem was written by Creighton 2014 Arts & Sciences Student, Saad Malik. He dedicated the poem to the Comunidad Maya Pixan Ixim and the families that hosted his group in South Omaha. (The poem was written in Spanish and is translated into English below)   Puertas Abiertas La vida es una colección de [...]

Examples of Life

Santiago Franco, student, wrote this reflection after participating in a week-long Fall Break Service Trip with the Pixan Ixim community: God made us of different colors, heights and essences. He sent us to different lands with uncertain destinies that have not been fulfilled yet. However, we have managed to find ourselves in this place under [...]

Looking Forward While Reflecting On Previous Experiences

By: Hannah O’Keefe Every experience that I have had thus far with Creighton’s CCSJ reinforces one basic idea: when it comes to service and justice, Creighton gets it. This year will mark my third trip to the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s Family Teach-In, and I could not be more excited, not only to be going, but [...]

How do we prepare our students?

By Kelly Orbik, CCSJ Assistant DirectorStudents must 1st discern that they want to offer themselves this experience. They apply, read “In the Service of Life,” interview with student peers, pay the cost of the trips, come to 3 preparation meetings, and come to a missioning service the night before. The day they leave they take [...]

Solidarity: Side-by-Side

written by: Laura Green, Wind River co-coordinator & member of Service and Justice Trips CORE Team Solidarity is one of the hardest of the seven pillars to understand. I remember as a sophomore, sitting in the general meetings before my fall break service trip and being so completely confused by this word. And here I [...]

Service Journeys: How to Tie into Professional Identity

Written by: Katie Nedley As I meet other students on campus, I am frequently struck by the number of people who identify themselves as “pre-professional.” Pre-law, pre-dental, pre-med, etc… Many of these students, myself included, desire to do service. Through occupational therapy coursework and experiences with the CCSJ, I have begun to think about how [...]

Embrace Being Alone

written by: Bill Kusek, North Omaha co-coordinator & member of Service and Justice Associates Embrace being alone. What a foreign concept. When my friends are late for our usual lunchtime in the dining halls, I get a little panicky. We avoid it at all costs. The thought at not having a conversation to fill the [...]

Presente! – Reflecting back and looking forward to IFTJ

By: Tim Nendick Presente! That’s the key image of IFTJ for me.  My first experience on IFTJ, after a frantic 24 hours on a bus (I only got a spot hours prior) to an unfamiliar destination, started with Susan Haarman telling us “shout present with your life!”  That is the core of the IFTJ experience [...]

Diving in the Depths of the Ocean While Walking on Jello

By Carissa Smith This past year has been a whirlwind of experiences for me. Last fall semester I got my feet wet in advocacy working with the CCSJ Advocacy team and being President of our NAACP chapter.  Then I left my post at Creighton to answer my call to go to the Dominican Republic for [...]

22 Velas en La Republica Dominicana

During my time in the Dominican Republic with Creighton’s Summer Program, I had not only the most remarkable summer of my life, but also the best birthday on record. The program, which sends health sciences students and professionals to the country to work with the ILAC (Institute for Latin American Concern) Center in setting up [...]