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Weekly Update March 01- March 27

Sunday, March 01

World Cafe Dialogue: Unpacking Race
All Creighton students, faculty and staff are invited to engage in a campus-wide dialogue on the implications of race in the Creighton community, facilitated by the Werner Institute. Due to the February winter storm, the event was rescheduled for 3:00pm in the Skutt Student Center Ballroom on March 1st. You are an important part of this conversation and we hope to see you there! Please contact Mike Rios with any questions.

Tuesday, March 03

Prayer Service for Fr. Schlegel
Creighton’s 23rd president, Father John Schlegel, S.J., left a legacy of a beautiful campus that grew considerably during his tenure. The campus was transformed with the addition of many new buildings, the mall renovation and the gorgeous landscaping we enjoy every day. In support of Father Schlegel, the Staff Advisory Council with the support of the President’s Advisory Board invites you to join them Tuesday, March 3, at 11:45 a.m. at the fountain in front of St. John’s Church. You’ll receive a purple ribbon, in awareness of pancreatic cancer, and a group greeting will be videotaped to be shared later with Father Schlegel. Following, everyone is invited to attend the noon Mass which will be offered on his behalf. The service will include the prayer Father Schlegel has asked us to pray in support of Pedro Arrupe’s canonization. Following Mass, you will have a chance to send a smile, wave or comment on videotape to Father Schlegel. Let’s show him he is in our thoughts and prayers! Please contact Joann Crinklaw with any questions.

Wednesday, March 04

Cold Toes Warm Hearts
Cold Toes Warm Hearts is a drive to raise money for the biggest homeless shelter in Nebraska, the Siena/Francis House. Swanson Hall at Creighton University encourages you to build solidarity by giving you a perspective of our increasing homeless population. On March 4, please join us in going barefoot (or wearing sandals) throughout the day. There will be a Hospitality Room in the Swanson Lobby with food and drinks for those who have generously donated to our cause. A donation of $5 will purchase you a pin that guarantees you access to the Hospitality Room, though any donation will be graciously accepted. The event will take place throughout the day, with the hospitality room in Swanson Hall from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm Donations can be made at the Swanson front desk. If you would like to learn more about Siena/Francis House you can visit their website. Please contact Katie Breedlove with any questions.

Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty will hold a Lobby Day on March 4. Registration and Orientation is at 10 a.m. at St. Mary’s Church across from the Capitol. Lunch will be provided in Room 1023 of the Capitol. A bill to repeal the death penalty (LB 268) will be debated before the Judiciary Committee at their 1:30 meeting. All are invited to this free event. Take action to end the death penalty in Nebraska. RSVP at or 402-477-7787.

Thursday, March 05

CCSJ Spring Break 2015 Service & Justice Trips Send-Off Service
Please join us to pray with and send off the students participating in a week of service during spring break. There is a short ceremony then a short reception in Lower St John’s. Students participating in Service & Justice Trips, their friends and family, and the Creighton community are all invited! The Send-Off Service will be held in St. John’s Church from 9:00-10:00pm on Thursday, March 5. Please contact Jeff Peak with any questions.

Upcoming Events

Friday, March 20

Justice Walking Applications
Join us in Justice Walking 2015-2016! Justice Walking is a year-long commitment to weekly service, education, immersion and faith sharing. Applications are due March 20th. Click here for more information. Please contact Jen Kennedy-Croft with any questions.

Friday, March 27

Project Homeless Connect Omaha
Project Homeless Connect is a one-day event (8:30 am – 3:30 pm in the Kiewit Fitness Center) that serves as a one-stop shop, connecting homeless individuals to needed services, including: employment, housing, healthcare, legal resources, haircuts, Social Security, etc. There are many opportunities for Creighton students, staff, faculty, alumni/ae, and friends to volunteer. General volunteers are needed for set up, clean up, greeting, directing, registering, serving food, or whatever else is needed to help the day flow. Most volunteers will also serve as “navigators” by helping our guests to fill out a basic in-take form and by staying with our guests through the process of accessing professional services offered that day. You can sign up online to help in the morning, afternoon, or all day. All Volunteers will register for a one hour training session, and you are invited to join fellow volunteers for a follow-up session of reflection, social analysis, and ways to become more involved. To register to volunteer click here. For more information on Project Homeless Connect Omaha, Contact Ken Reed-Bouley at the Creighton Center for Service and Justice with questions at 280-2754 or visit the website.



Post Grad Volunteer Discussion


Is volunteering after graduation the right choice for you?

Find out! The Creighton Center for Service and Justice will be hosting a Tostadas Dinner Wednesday, February 12, 5:30-6:30pm in the Creighton Center for Service and Justice (Harper Center 2067). All students are welcome (seniors, sure, but also geared to younger students thinking about next steps after Creighton!)
Hear stories and ask questions of former volunteers from a variety of year-long post-graduate programs. Panelists will be able to address their own discernment process during senior year that led to post-grad volunteering, and be able to answer questions about topics including international versus domestic opportunities; taking care of finances while volunteering; the differences between programs that are and are not religiously based; and more.
This event (including tostadas) is FREE, but we’ll need an accurate count for food.
Please RSVP to Jeff Peak or 402-280-1295 by 3 pm on Tuesday, February 11th if you plan to attend.
Please spread the word!



Read Creighton Alum, Jackie Greene’s (’13) blog as she goes through her post-grad volunteering in Peru. Jackie is volunteering with Incarnate World Ministries.
Check her out at:


2013 Missioning Ceremony

Emily Ruskamp reflected on her time as a volunteer at the Post-Graduate Missioning ceremony. In her speech she gave advice to the new graduates and offered support to their families.


Post-Graduate Volunteer FAQ

Where can I go to find out information about post-grad volunteering?
Come to the CCSJ to meet with Jeff Peak, attend a Career and Post-Grad Volunteer Fair, or start looking online. Catholic Volunteer Network publishes and distributes RESPONSE, the most comprehensive handbook of lay mission volunteer opportunities. Read this short informational page: The Basics of Post-Grad Volunteering.

What programs are available?
There are literally thousands of programs depending on where you would like to volunteer and what kind of work you would like to do.

What are the differences in programs?
Programs are local, domestic or international. Some people live in community with other volunteers, with religious communities or on your own.

What is the time commitment?
Programs vary in length from a summer to 3.5 years. Most are one or two years.

What are the financial advantages?
Most programs cover room and board, basic medical insurance, a small stipend, and loan deferment. Some programs offer an educational award or ability to take classes at a local university.

What are the other advantages?
Depending on what you are looking for you can usually find it- the opportunity to learn, serve and possibly travel. The relationships you form with a volunteer community, host site community or agency provide invaluable experience. These friendships and first hand experiences make students more informed citizens.

Who can I talk to about post-grad volunteering?
Stop by the CCSJ to talk with Jeff–he volunteered with Amate House in Chicago. Carrie Wortmann and Colleen Keller are both former volunteers and now run Creighton’s very own Magis Catholic Teacher Corps.  Talk to someone who has volunteered, with representatives from various programs, friends, mentors, professionals in your career field who have advice on what kind of experience will make you a better practicioner.

When do I need to make a decision?
Some applications are due in the fall, some international programs in January and February, most domestic programs in March, and some have rolling deadlines. Please see individual websites.


Why I Go: A Personal Vocational Discernment

Melissa HollabaughA personal reflection on why participate in Post-Graduate volunteering.
By Mellissa Hollabaugh 

I am going because I am young and able, and I have no career to endanger. If not now, when?

After I get another degree? After I make some money?

I am going because I have learned to believe that everything starts at home, with me.

I am going because I want my actions to reflect my values.

I am going because if I want peace, I know I must work for justice.

I am going because if I don’t, who will?

I am going because I have innumerable questions that I want to live out.

I am going because a Spanish nun in Peru taught me to salir al encuentro para hacerme amigos
con el pobre. If I don’t know the poor by name, I have not done enough.

I am going in the name of all the poor who asked me never to forget their stories:
Silvana, Aurora, Johan, Miguel, Carmen, Walter, Juan & Esilia, Antonio & Mimi, Miguelina, Elfi, Alma, Sami, Genesis, Luchi, Orquidea, Junior, Estalin, Pedro & Kristina, Canene & Antigua, Pimpa, Boba, Carmen, Juana & Luis, Oscar, Antonio.

I am going because there are a million more stories that need to be told.

I am going because I have been blessed with an education to justice, a community of friends that
encourages me, a loving family that sustains me, and a desire to experience all the joys
and pains the world is willing to offer me.

I am going because I, too, have always wondered,
Why don’t more people stand up?

I am going for all the times I have remained embarrassingly quiet and cowardly in the face of
injustice, prejudice and ignorance.

I am going because I want to be different. I am going because Kyle Woolley once asked me:
How unusual do you want to be?

I am going because I want to test my values, and I want my actions to reflect those values.

I am going because of what Dorothy Day taught me:
The only solution to the long lonliness is love and that love comes with community.

I am going because I want to know what it’s like to have my heart broken, and then to have it
rebuilt through the presence of the divine in others.

I am going to live out my commitment to Jesuit values: to be a woman for and with others, to do and be more than what is expected, to be contemplative in action.

I am going so that I am challenged to change and grow into a better version of myself.

I am going so that I can share what I’ve witnessed with my community back home.

I am going for the many Creighton professors and mentors who have challenged and inspired me.

I am going because I want to make a preferential option for the poor.

I am going because I believe in this quote: Life begins outside your comfort zone.

I am going because I want to practice giving and receiving intangible gifts.

I am going so I can learn to practice wonder and awe for creation.

I am going because I believe in Dr. Martin Luther King’s message,
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

I am going because I want to learn to live in simplicity and solidarity.

I am going because I would rather be an instrument of peace than an apathetic graduate.

I am going because I want to learn the difference between wants and needs.

I am going in the influential footsteps of all the JPS grads that have gone before me.

I am going because it is the best reflection of Creighton running through me.

I am going so I can learn to live the Easter holiday.

I am going so I can learn to experience the life that occurs beyond a planner. For as I’ve been told,
Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.

I am going so I can paint a new picture of what an “American” can be to Latin America.

I am going for all those who cannot go, and better yet, for those who willingly choose not to.

I am going because I have to believe there is so much more to life than just this.

I am going because I have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am going because I know there is a different kind of real world out there, and I want to meet it.

I am going now because life is short, and all we have is today.