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Sustainability in Omaha: Service Trip Fall 2013 – Omaha, NE

Sustainability in Omaha: Uncovering Inconvenient Truths in Omaha This five-day seminar exposes the participants to five different aspects of sustainability in Omaha: transportation, water, food, energy, and waste/recycling. Students will engage these topics through integrating hands-on experience with education by experts in the field of sustainability. Students will attempt to live sustainably during the seminar [...]

White Violet Eco Center – St. Mary of the Woods Fall 2013

St. Mary-of-the-Woods, IN – White Violet Eco Center The Sisters of Providence at the White Violet Eco-Center (in Terre Haute, IN) introduce the principles of eco-justice and Providence Spirituality while engaging in service at and around Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, near Terre Haute, Indiana. The service sites will be at the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice (includes [...]


Morton MS Justice

Morton, MS – EXCEL Community Center

EXCEL Community Center – Morton, MS The EXCEL program in Morton, MS provides tutoring in elementary and high schools, GED classes, adult on-going learning classes, computer classes, and a number of support groups for various interests. EXCEL is a non-profit organization located in 3 locations outside of Jackson, MS. Many communities are very segregated with [...]

Annunciation House – El Paso, TX Fall 2013

El Paso, TX – Annunciation House The objective of the Border Awareness Experience at the Annunciation House is to facilitate face to face meetings and encounters between participants and people and groups on both sides of the Border. It intends to raise consciousness in the ‘first world’ about the issues facing the peoples of the [...]



Hubbard House – East St. Louis, IL Fall 2013

East St. Louis, IL – Hubbard House Hubbard House’s mission is to “serve those who serve” by providing housing and meals as needed for area volunteers. They provide a forum for discussing why there is poverty, why people continue to be poorer and why the “system” does not support the needs of the poor. There [...]

Resurrection Catholic Missions – Montgomery, AL Fall 2013

Montgomery, AL – Resurrection Catholic Missions Resurrection Catholic Missions reaches out to the community around it. Some of the things that you may do here include working in Resurrection Catholic School (tutoring, P.E., reading, etc.), assisting with the Interfaith Community Outreach program (cleaning homes, yardwork, delivering meals), visiting the residents at a group home for [...]



White Rose Catholic Worker – Chicago Fall 2013

Chicago, IL – White Rose Catholic Worker House The White Rose Catholic Worker serves in a number of different communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Generally students immerse themselves each day in one of the most diverse zip codes in the U.S. with over 80 languages represented and a high immigrant and refugee population. Each day [...]

Columban Border Immersion – El Paso, TX Fall 2013

El Paso, TX – Columban Border Immersion The Missionary Society of St. Columban Office of Advocacy and Outreach will host this border immersion. The service of presence will be the focus of this trip – hearing peoples’ stories and accompanying them. You will talk with community members about the pressures, challenges and joys of living [...]



Whitman Catholic Worker House – Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, OH – Whitman Catholic Worker House Gentrification, Homelessness and Resistance The Whitman House offers a week-long socioeconomic immersion experience in Cleveland, in the Ohio City neighborhood. Students live as part of the Catholic Worker community, as well as part of the larger neighborhood community that is diverse economically, racially, and socially. The experience includes [...]